Windburg Suites Cape Town South Africa

Windburg Suites – Cape Town, South Africa

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Since our original apartment that we stayed at in Cape Town had a 3 night minimum, we needed to find another place to stay for a night after we returned from South African wine country.

I did some looking and found a small studio apartment at Windburg Suites for a reasonable price. It was in the same general area as our previous apartment and was also relatively close to the rental car office. This worked out perfect for us as we could drop our bags off, return the car and immediately explore town.

Since it was an apartment, not a hotel, I scheduled a time to meet with the owners to be let in. They were flexible, meeting us at 9am and allowing us to store our bags before we could officially check in. We were told that our room would be available around noon. We then headed off to explore town.

Our Studio at Windburg Suites

From the pictures I could tell that the room would be small but was not expecting the room to be quite as small as it was. We had everything that we needed, but it was very compact – a non-issue for us since we didn’t spend much time in the room.

Bed in Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa

I noticed that we didn’t have air conditioning again, but there was a large window and a fan which gave us all the air that we needed.

Outside Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa

The Bathroom

Similar to the rest of the apartment, the bathroom was very compact, but had everything that we needed.

We have joked about toilet showers, or showers which are right next to the toilet without a curtain, before. In fact, we have had toilet showers twice before – on our honeymoon in Cambodia and during our jeep tour through Bolivia. This apartment was the first time that we have experienced a sink shower. I didn’t mind the scenery when I showered though since the water was hot and had good water pressure.

Sink in Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa

Shower in Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa

Toilet in Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa


Great Hosts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a great host can make such a difference in your impression of a place. We had great hosts at our apartment who lived above our unit. They were around when we had questions and did everything that they could to make our stay enjoyable.

In fact, one day we were getting ready to head out and the owner noticed. He told us he was headed to town and offered to give us a ride. This was above and beyond what he had to do, something that we noticed and were very appreciative of.

House Dogs

The apartment owners, who live on-site, have 2 adorable dogs. We had a good time hanging out with them when we were out in the yard and our favorite one, Logan kept sneaking into our room to visit us. They were well behaved, clean and loved the attention we were giving them.

Dog Logan at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa


The apartment had a pool which was shared with the other units. It was quite small but all that is needed to take a quick dip. We considered hopping in, but opted against it since it wasn’t quite hot enough to justify swimming.

Pool at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa


We technically had a kitchen in our unit but it was quite small. There was a sink, mini fridge, tea kettle and up in the cupboards a 2 burner electric stovetop. We utilized the kitchen for the basics – enjoying a glass of wine and eating some cereal in the morning.

Kitchen in Our Studio at Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa


To get into the apartment, we had to open the gate which was the equivalent of a garage door in the US. After that we had to open another locked door before we could access the building. This made us feel very secure.

Washing Machine

In our welcome information we were told that we could utilize the washing machine. While we considered it, we knew that our apartment in Kenya, would have a washing machine as well.

This was a nice perk as we are not used to having access to a washing machine, especially not one that is free, when we are staying in budget accommodations.


We thought that the apartment was close to our previous apartment. The map made it look close, but in actuality it was a decent distance away. Instead of being right in the action, we were in a quieter, more residential area which was fine for us.

Street View of Windburg Suites in Cape Town South Africa

The apartment was located on a hill which made for great views of the harbor for the lucky people who had homes with balconies or windows high enough, not us at ground level. Being on the hill also meant that we got a lot more wind than we did in the city. At night, since we slept with the windows open, we heard everything. At times we wondered if a tree was going to break since the wind sounded so intense.

It was very easy to get to town using the MyCiTi bus. There wasn’t too much to do within walking distance as all that we saw in the area was a small grocery store and neighborhood restaurant.

Final Thoughts

For our needs, the apartment worked perfectly. It was very reasonably priced, clean and had everything that we needed. Since we had already spent a few days in the central part of town it wasn’t too bad to be a little removed from town.

If we were in the apartment the whole time we were in Cape Town it would have been a little more difficult since we would have to rely on the bus or spend a lot more taking Uber or taxis.

I would recommend this apartment to someone who is visiting Cape Town looking for a little quiet and relaxation. If you want to be right in the middle of the action, I would look in the areas closer to downtown.

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