Why We Quit Our Jobs to Travel

Why We Quit Our Jobs to Travel the World

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It still hasn’t hit us yet, but I feel like it has to at some point. For the last few months there has been a series of events that are leading up to the final moment that we quit our jobs and begin our journey. We keep thinking that at each passing event it will click in our heads that we’re doing this… We’re quitting our jobs and we’re going to go travel for 7 months.

We’ve given our notice at work and the countdown begins for August 24th when we start our journey. A journey that will take us around the U.S. before we depart on September 8th and head to Central and South America, Africa, and Europe.

Where Did This Idea Come from?

I would like to say that it was something we decided to do on impulse, but that would be a lie. We’ve actually been talking about this and planning it for the last 2 years.

When Lynn started her current job a couple years ago, she had started at the same time as another woman that had just returned from living in Thailand for 6 months. Lynn thought it was great. She said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just travel for 6 months?” I told her, “We can, if that’s what you want to do.”

That’s where it all started, but 2 years ago it was just an idea. We had a lot to do before we could start planning (although that didn’t stop Lynn, whose been researching places to visit for the last 2 years). We had 3 main goals before we could quit our jobs and travel:

  1. Save more money.
  2. Get married.
  3. Sell Lynn’s condo.

Completing Our Goals

1. Save more money

We were already good savers, but the idea of this amazing trip forced us to find even more ways to save money for our future travels. I told Lynn what I thought we could save in the amount of time we had. That was our goal and we worked hard to hit it.

2. Get married

Shortly after we came up with this idea I proposed, and a year later we got married. This September 13th is actually our 1 year anniversary, and to celebrate we’ll be on the beaches of Belize… our first stop!

3. Sell Lynn’s condo

This was a big question for us. Do we rent it out or do we just sell it? We both decided pretty quickly that we didn’t want to deal with trying to rent it out and be landlords while traveling. We also knew that when we got back from our trip we were not going to stay in Chicago… we were done with winter. We listed her condo in June, and luckily just two and a half weeks later we had an offer. From there, things went smoothly and we close on August 21st.

Reactions from Family & Friends

We assumed that there would be mixed reactions from family and friends when we gave the news, but for the most part everyone was very supportive and happy for us. We were asked every type of question that you can imagine:

  • Where are you going?
  • What will you do for money?
  • Will it be safe where you’re traveling?
  • Where will you stay?
  • What are you packing?
  • What about health insurance?
  • Are you worried about getting a job when you get back?

We even created a FAQ to answer all of these questions and more for our family and friends. We covered just about everything, but there was always one thing that came up each time we would tell people we had news… so much that we had to start prefacing our conversations with, “We have news, and it’s NOT that Lynn is pregnant.”

When you’re not following the path of life that is expected, it can throw people off. So, if you plan to stray from the norm be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

9 Reasons We Quit Our Jobs to Travel the World

1. Kids ruin everything

That’s what we jokingly say, but in all honesty we know that having kids will change everything. We do eventually want to settle down and have kids, but we’re waiting until after our trip!

2. To travel when it’s easier for us

Right now is the perfect time for us to take a trip like this. We’re young, healthy and financially stable. If we don’t do it now, who knows if we’ll be able to do it when we get older.

3. Having a break from work

We’ve both been working for a while now and sometimes you just need to take a break to recharge. We can always find another job when we get back, but we won’t always have the opportunity to leave like we do now.

4. Lack of real responsibilities

Now that we’ve sold Lynn’s condo we really have no responsibilities other than our cat, Gingerbread. Don’t worry, we found a good temporary home for her while we’re gone. She’s staying with a friend in Chicago!

5. Ability to truly experience life

Travel. What better way to experience life and the world? We already realize that this is the trip of a lifetime and we will probably come back thinking and seeing things differently than we did before.

6. We can’t take our money with us when we die

It’s sort of a grim thought, but it makes sense. We can save money our entire lives, but if we never spend it on things that we truly love to do, then what is the point in having it?

7. Doing what we want to do, not what society tells us we should do

You can follow the path that society has already paved and marked for you… or you can blaze your own trail. There’s an order of life events that everyone is expecting. I guess we’re just shuffling things up a little and making sure we do exactly what WE want to do in life.

8. Freeing ourselves of “stuff”

It will feel good to leave everything behind and only take with us what we can carry on our backs.

9. Not questioning “What if?”

From here on out we can live our lives without ever saying, “What if we had quit our jobs and gone on that trip?”

Final Thoughts

The biggest adventure of our lives is right ahead of us, yet it still hasn’t hit us. In the next 2 weeks we’ll move all of our stuff into a storage unit, finalize the sale of Lynn’s condo, and leave our jobs behind. Just recently we booked our first flights and in the next few days we’ll book even more flights and accommodations. It better hit us soon, because it will be here before we know it!

If you’re interested in our travels, stick around, we’ll be here keeping you up to date and sharing our experiences during our adventure. Feel free to sign up for email updates on the right or follow us on any of our social media accounts.

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and travel? Where would you go? What’s holding you back? Let us know in the comments!

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