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Visa on Arrival – Vietnam

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When I was researching all the visa requirements for the countries that we were visiting on our honeymoon, I found out that we would need visas for both Cambodia and Vietnam. Unlike our visa on arrival in Cambodia we had to have official paperwork before we landed in Vietnam.

Researching Where to Get Our Visa Approval Letter

There are many different companies online that offer visa approval letters. I got on some travel forums to see which were legitimate so I could narrow it down. I landed on Vietnam Visa Pro as the price was right, just a $9 service fee for a 1 month single entry. This price was per passport, so a total of $18.

I submitted my request online and had some issues with the payment. It was easily resolved and everything processed. My only hang up with them was that I didn’t receive the letter when they first sent it out. Not a big deal though as when I followed up, they re-sent the paperwork my way.

The paperwork was a little random when I received it. There was a listing of a bunch of people on our paperwork, but we were on there so it didn’t concern me too much. The paperwork was also a scan of an official document which made me slightly nervous but I figured that everything would be fine.

My nervousness increased a little bit when we were in Siem Reap and the Vietnam Airlines agent was checking us into our flight. She looked at the paper for quite some time before checking us in. Since the visa on arrival is a standard thing, I wondered if we would have any issues with the paperwork when we arrived in Vietnam.

Visa on Arrival – Hanoi Airport

In addition to the visa approval letter fee, you also have to have a passport size photo and pay a $45 stamping fee at the airport. We had earmarked US dollars for this purpose to make sure that we had the right amount because we weren’t sure if they would have an ATM or any change.

Even though there were a bunch of people on our plane, the foreigners all appeared to be part of a group tour. Luckily, they all had their visas so our line to get our visa on arrival was extremely short.

We submitted our passports, paperwork, photos and money to the agent working the visa on arrival station. A mere 5 minutes later, we had our visa stamped in our passport and were off to customs.

Final Thoughts

If you are flying into Vietnam, I would highly recommend getting your visa on arrival. It saves the complexity of having to mail in your passport before your trip.

Although I loved the charm of the Cambodian visa, the Vietnamese visa looks very official and less whimsical.

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