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Visa on Arrival – Cambodia

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When doing research on travel to Cambodia, we realized that we had to get a visa but visas on arrival were an option. I did some digging to find out more about the visa on arrival process, but had a hard time finding good information in one place. I hope that this article will help those looking for similar information find answers.

What You Need for Your Visa on Arrival

Let me preface this with all information below is for a 30 day Cambodian tourist visa on arrival for an American citizen as of November 2014.

In order to get your visa on arrival you need:

  • Completed paperwork (you will get this on your airplane)
  • Passport size picture
  • $30 US cash

Prior to leaving I downloaded what I thought was the right form to fill out to get our visa on arrival. I felt so smart that we didn’t even have to fill it out on the plane when the flight attendants were passing them out. That was a stupid mistake because once we got to the front of the line we were told the paperwork was incorrect. We were given the correct paperwork to fill out and moved to the back of the line.

When I travel I always carry some extra passport size pictures to ensure that I have everything that I need for visas. These are super easy to print out on a standard 4×6 picture that you can get printed at a drugstore for next to nothing.

Bring exact cash and don’t expect that you will get change. I don’t recall if there was an ATM in the airport or not, so bring cash just in case as credit cards are not accepted.

You can get a visa on arrival at the 2 main airports in Cambodia – Siem Reap and Phnom Penh as well as certain border checkpoints if you’re driving in.

How to Get a Cambodian Visa Before You Arrive

While I thought that the process was extremely simple, I could see some people that would want to have their visa in their passport before they arrive. You can get your visa by sending your passport to the Cambodian embassy in Washington DC.

There are negatives with this as you have to send your passport via mail so there is a chance that it could get lost in the mail, the processing time is 5 days and the cost is $35 vs. $30 on arrival.

Thoughts on the Cambodian Visa on Arrival

It could seriously not have been any easier to get our Cambodian visa on arrival at the airport. Even after just about 24 hours of traveling, the process was extremely easy.

The visa itself is super cute, a great memento in our passport of our honeymoon. I love that it has that small country feel with the handwritten information instead of the expected printed visa. I also think it is quite charming that they call themselves the Kingdom of Cambodia instead of just Cambodia. It gives the story tale vibe which I found completely accurate after spending 5 wonderful days there.

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