Vietnam Airlines Review

Vietnam Airlines Review

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When Andy and I were planning out travel for our honeymoon, we wanted to minimize the number of layovers that we would have when traveling. We looked for direct flights from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Hanoi, Vietnam. The only direct flight that we were able to find was with Vietnam Airlines. Even though the price was higher than Air Asia, not having a layover was worth the extra money.

Check In

We arrived to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. The check in line was long as there were only 2 agents working the counter for our flight, but things moved pretty quickly. In addition to checking our passports, they also checked our paperwork for our Vietnamese visa. She looked at our paperwork for quite a while which made us very nervous that the site we used online gave us incorrect documents, but once we made it to Hanoi, there were no issues.

The Flight

The plane itself was not overly impressive, especially since our last flights were on Asiana, a high end Asian airline. The Vietnam Airlines seats were a little worn down, lacking some cushion and there was no entertainment. Neither was a big deal as the flight was less than 2 hours.

Coming from America, it is always amazing to me how many meals are served on foreign airlines. Even a cross country US flight doesn’t include a meal, but our short 2 hour flight had a meal service. We were given a roll with assorted lunch meats and cheeses to snack on. It was a strange combination, but nice to have a snack before we landed.

Earning Miles

Vietnam Airlines is a member of the Sky Team alliance, that means that all miles earned can be credited to any airlines within the alliance. Delta is the US airline that is part of the alliance, so Andy and I both credited our miles to our Delta accounts.

Even though Delta miles aren’t the best for booking award travel, it is always good to keep adding to any mileage account. Eventually, you’ll earn enough miles to book an award ticket.


We booked our flights several months out but the times must have changed 5 times. This is a phenomenon that we experienced when we booked with AeroMexico as well. Not sure what it is about international airlines, but it seems like they like to change up their schedules more often.

Normally a time change wouldn’t be a big deal, but by the end our afternoon flight was moved to the early morning. This essentially meant that we lost a day in Siem Reap. Luckily, I was able to call a toll free number for their US offices which are based in San Francisco. The agent changed my flight from the early morning flight to an early evening flight without any issues.

Final Thoughts

If I was flying within Vietnam again I would certainly consider flying Vietnam Airlines. It would likely have to be a direct flight in order to make up for the higher cost compared to the low cost Asian airlines.

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