Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

Little Havana Apartments – Kosice, Slovakia

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Since Kosice, Slovakia isn’t on the tourist circuit, there are far less lodging options available than we were used to seeing. I was shocked as just how expensive the hotels were, many costing $75 or more a night. This was surprising to me since I honestly expected that everything would have been quite a bit cheaper since we were off …

2 Days in Bratislava Slovakia

2 Days in Bratislava, Slovakia

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I was pretty excited to visit Bratislava. Partially because I wanted to see how much it was like the movie EuroTrip and partially because my family immigrated to the US from Slovakia. When we arrived in Bratislava I was both impressed with how western everything seemed and a little disappointed at the high prices of things. Slovak Lines Bus from …

Mamaison Residence Bratislava Slovakia

Mamaison Residence – Bratislava, Slovakia

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When we decided that we were going to visit Bratislava, we joked about the movie EuroTrip and how cheap we expected everything to be. When I started looking for places to stay, I was surprised just how expensive things were. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon the Mamaison Residence. While the executive apartments typically go for $100 a …

Schonbrunn Palace from the Hill in Vienna Austria

Vienna, Austria Photos

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We ended up in Vienna over Easter weekend and decided to do most of our sightseeing on Easter day. For some reason we assumed that it would be pretty quiet, but it was exactly the opposite. There were people everywhere and it was one of the most crowded cities we had been in on our entire trip. We first realized …

Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana Slovenia

Slovenia Photos

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We split our three days in Slovenia into three separate areas of the country. We spent all three nights at a retro style apartment in the city of Ljubljana, and from there made our way out to Lake Bled and the southwestern countryside. The highlight of our time in Slovenia was the day we spent walking around Lake Bled. We …