Argentina the Good the Bad and the Expensive

Argentina: the Good, the Bad, & the Expensive

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From the title of this post I’m sure you’ve probably figured out that Argentina was expensive. I don’t want to judge Argentina solely on their ability to charge crazy amounts of money for things like transportation (more on that later), so I’ll also tell you about the things we liked (the good) and the things we didn’t like so much …

Airbnb Apartment in Buenos Aires Argentina

Airbnb Apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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When looking for a place to stay in Buenos Aires, I realized that it would be challenging to stay within our budget. Things in the city are very expensive, especially when you factor in the excessive 21% lodging tax that Argentina has. We decided that the most cost effective way to stay would be by renting an apartment through Airbnb. …

Hosteria Divina Presencia Cafayate Argentina

Hosteria Divina Presencia – Cafayate, Argentina

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Since we had so much fun in Mendoza visiting wineries, we decided to head to Cafayate, another wine region in Argentina. I started looking for rooms and was not surprised when a number of them were expensive. It is a touristy area and we were looking to book over New Year’s Eve. Forturnately, I found a deal through for …

Serranias del Hornocal Humahuaca Argentina

Serranias del Hornocal – Humahuaca, Argentina

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About a month before we even made it to Salta, Argentina we met a guy at one of our hostels that was traveling the opposite direction that we were. He had just come from Argentina, so we asked him what places we should see. One of the places he mentioned was Salta, and showed us pictures of a mountain with …