Trapeze School New York in Chicago

Trapeze Lessons in Belmont Harbor, Chicago

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A few friends of mine had signed up for classes at the Trapeze School New York. They said it was super fun so I recruited my friend Natacha to take a class with me.

Nathacha and I were scheduled for an evening class. The sky was already dark but once we arrived it kept getting darker and darker. As expected, shortly after class started we were rained out & rescheduled for the next day. We decided that we’d head out for some BYOB sushi then went to a few bars for drinks afterwards. The next day I realized that doing a trapeze lesson hungover was a pretty hellish experience which I do not recommend to anyone.

There are very few things that make me nervous, but the trapeze is way higher than you expect it would be. Reaching for the bar is extremely counter intuitive as you need to lean forward off the ledge to get a grip as the worker at the top holds on to the belt on your waist. Even though you know you’re hooked up and have the net below, it took a few swings before I was comfortable with the whole process.

The beginning of class we learned the basics of how to swing, then we graduated to hooking our knees on the bar and finally, our last trick of the night was doing a catch with an instructor. Although I had a great time, I was ready to be done when our class was over as I was still hungover and my hands hurt from holding onto the bar. It reminded me of my gymnastics days before I had my grips where my hands would kill me after we would do work on the uneven bars.

I was a little upset that the photographer was sick the day that we were there. I would have loved to have great photos from my class, but I got some decent shots from my point & shoot camera.

All in all, a great experience, especially on a beautiful day as the trapeze is right by the lake.

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