The Guest House Puerto Varas Chile

The Guest House – Puerto Varas, Chile

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Since we were catching a flight to Punta Arenas from Puerto Montt, a town not known for much other than being a travel hub, we decided to look for places to stay in Puerto Varas. It is a much cuter town a quick 20 minute ride from Puerto Montt.

A quick search on pulled up a 50% discount at The Guest House, a cute historical house turned B&B. I was ecstatic since most of the heavily discounted hotels on are still above our budget. This is a nicer place than we have been staying on our trip, but the type of place that I would book on a typical vacation. I was very excited to have some luxury sprinkled into our trip.

The day before we wanted to leave, we went to purchase our bus tickets. The morning bus from Pucon to Puerto Varas on JAC, the only bus company that runs the route, was booked. We had to purchase tickets for the afternoon bus which didn’t arrive in Puerto Varas until dinner time. I was a little upset that we didn’t get to spend more time in the city as I think we would have liked it. It reminded us of the Pacific Northwest in the US – a cute town overlooking the water. It was a reminder to us that we need to book our buses early if we have a specific bus that we are looking to take. We were just fortunate that we were able to take an afternoon bus and were not delayed until the next morning.

The Guest House – Room #6

When we walked in, we both really liked the feel of the vintage home turned B&B. Our room had ceilings that were 15’ high, included a chandelier and fresh flowers in the room, giving it a fancy feel.

As with most B&Bs, our bed was really good. We had a very nice mattress, down comforter and 4 pillows (2 feather and 2 synthetic). We both slept really well and wished that we were able to take this bed and bedding along with us to other places along the road.

Bed in Room 6 at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

Storage Area in Room 6 at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

The room included ear plugs, something which we did not need during our stay, but grabbed for later. We figure at some point we’ll need these on a bus and will be fortunate that we have them.


The bathroom was nicely done and very clean. The shower was nice and hot with good water pressure… always a plus. In addition, there were travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. This is standard back home and at nicer hotels in South America, but we have not seen many of these in the budget accommodations on our trip.

Bathroom in Room 6 at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

The Guest House – Amenities


I had read online that the breakfast here was awesome and included a lot of sweet breakfast options. We were more than happy with a sweet breakfast since the majority of the breakfasts that we have in South America lean towards the savory side.

Since there was a spot to put any special requests when you book through, I requested French toast, Andy’s favorite for breakfast. When we sat down for breakfast, we were happy that the request was honored. The only sad part was that there wasn’t enough of it! There were only 4 pieces of french toast to split between the 2 of us.

Overall the breakfast was good but a little bit smaller than I expected from a B&B which usually has very large meals. We had fruit, toast, turkey (some of the first turkey that we had seen since leaving the states), cheese, granola, jam and honey.

English Speaking Hosts

Both of the owners spoke flawless English. This was a huge perk for us as nothing was lost in translation. We learned that they were originally from Santiago and decided to move to a smaller town since they were over living in the city and wanted to live somewhere that they could raise a family. We could totally relate to that as we don’t plan to return to Chicago following our trip.

Common Area

We didn’t spend much time in the common area but it was really nice and well decorated. In addition to the couches and rocking chairs, there was the dining room table where breakfast was served. Additionally, there was a communal computer for those who do not have their own computers.

Common Area & Dining at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

Bicycle Art at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

My favorite part was the wood burning fireplace that was burning all the time. I told Andy that the only thing that would make it more cozy would be if there was a cat by the fireplace.

Main Common Area at The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

Airport Transfer

We asked the owner if she could call a taxi for us to get to the airport. There was a public transit option that we thought about but there were transfers and public buses so we didn’t want to risk not catching our flight to save a few bucks.

When the most reliable taxi driver in town was not available at the time we needed, she offered for her and her husband to take us to the airport as they needed to go to Puerto Montt anyway. We hopped in the minivan with both of them and their baby, riding to town. Along the way we chatted with them, talking about our trip and them telling us about their move from Santiago down to Puerto Varas. We arrived at the airport, paid them a little less than what the taxi would have been and said our goodbyes.

Carbon Neutral Hotel

We really liked that the B&B was carbon neutral. I try and choose eco-friendly choices as frequently as possible but typically they are the extremely high end hotels which are out of our budget. It felt good to support a small business who is working to be eco-friendly.


We weren’t in town long enough to really be an accurate judge on the location but when we went to town it was a relatively short walk. It wasn’t right in the middle of town, but was nice since it was a lot quieter than being right in the middle of the action.

Street View of The Guest House in Puerto Varas Chile

Final Thoughts

The owners were both absolutely amazing. They did everything that they could to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. I wish that the morning bus had not been booked so we would have been able to spend more time not only at the B&B, but also in town.

If I were to make it back down to Puerto Varas, I would absolutely stay at The Guest House again. It was clean, comfortable and had amazing hosts. There really wasn’t anything more that I could have asked for.

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