2 Days in Istanbul Turkey

2 Days in Istanbul, Turkey

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We had booked a flight from Istanbul to Cancun for a friend’s wedding months in advance. In the time between booking our flight and arriving in Istanbul, the threat of terrorism had increased dramatically. We toyed with the idea of changing our flight, but after a lot of discussion, we both agreed that the odds of anything happening to us …

2 Days in Bratislava Slovakia

2 Days in Bratislava, Slovakia

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I was pretty excited to visit Bratislava. Partially because I wanted to see how much it was like the movie EuroTrip and partially because my family immigrated to the US from Slovakia. When we arrived in Bratislava I was both impressed with how western everything seemed and a little disappointed at the high prices of things. Slovak Lines Bus from …

2 Days in Dubrovnik Croatia

2 Days in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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When we were walking around the streets of Dubrovnik, Andy commented many times how it felt like we were walking through a movie set somewhere. I have to agree, the feel of the city felt more like a movie than real life and the charm was unmissable. The city itself was extremely beautiful, but once you add in the super …