Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

Little Havana Apartments – Kosice, Slovakia

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Since Kosice, Slovakia isn’t on the tourist circuit, there are far less lodging options available than we were used to seeing. I was shocked as just how expensive the hotels were, many costing $75 or more a night. This was surprising to me since I honestly expected that everything would have been quite a bit cheaper since we were off …

Mamaison Residence Bratislava Slovakia

Mamaison Residence – Bratislava, Slovakia

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When we decided that we were going to visit Bratislava, we joked about the movie EuroTrip and how cheap we expected everything to be. When I started looking for places to stay, I was surprised just how expensive things were. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon the Mamaison Residence. While the executive apartments typically go for $100 a …

Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

Retro Style Airbnb Apartment – Ljubljana, Slovenia

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I was surprised at just how expensive places to stay in Ljubljana were when I started looking. Fortunately I was able to find an apartment on Airbnb which was within budget and fit all of our requirements. Shortly after I requested to stay at the apartment, our request was accepted. Our host lives in San Francisco, not Ljubljana, so he …