Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

Hotel Patagonia B&B – Punta Arenas, Chile

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Lately, I have been using more and Hostelworld less. This is because has had more options at better prices. After not finding much great for our stay in Punta Arenas, I turned back to Hostelworld. It was here that I found the Hotel Patagonia B&B. The reviews were great and a double room with a private bathroom was …

Entre 2 Aguas Hotel Panama City

Entre 2 Aguas Hotel – Panama City

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Finding the Hotel I began my search for our accommodations as I always do, searching for places close to the city center that are within our budget. From there, I prioritize what is most important – price, location, amenities, etc. I knew that I really wanted a kitchen in Panama City. We were coming from Flores, Guatemala where we did …

Sleep Inn Miami Airport

Sleep Inn Miami Airport

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We booked our flight from Denver to Belize on award miles which meant that we got the most roundabout routing possible – a night in Dallas, a night in Miami, then finally arriving in Belize on our third day of travel. Since we landed in Miami early afternoon and departed the next afternoon, we wanted a relatively nice hotel that …