Summer of Andy Background Info

Summer of Andy Background Info

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From time to time you will probably see me mentioning the Summer of Andy and my travels during that time in my life. Even though the original Summer of Andy was in 2006, it sometimes feels like it was just last summer. I also never give up hope that I’ll be able to take another summer off and do something adventurous! Enough waiting though… below is a brief history on what Summmer of Andy is now and what it originally started as in 2006.

What is the Summer of Andy

Right now, Summer of Andy is a blog that unfortunately I don’t post to that often. Many of the articles about travel and saving money that I originally posted on that site have actually been migrated over to this site. Even though I no longer keep that site up to date, it still serves as a nice historical record of my travels during that summer in 2006. I keep it running so that I’ll always have that information available online and just in case I decide to take off on Summer of Andy Part 2!

What was the Summer of Andy

In early 2006 I decided that I was done working for the man and I needed some time off. Of course I knew I would have to go back to work at some point, but I needed a break. I left my job at WebMD in New York City at the end of March and left my big city life behind. My friends were calling it the “Summer of Andy” based on the great Seinfeld episode where George gets three months pay as a severance package from the Yankees and doesn’t have to work for the entire summer. Unlike George I didn’t planning on wasting my summer sitting in a reclining chair, watching TV and “decompressing” as George referred to it. I planned to play golf… a lot of golf. So that’s what I did.

In April I headed home to Jeffersonville, NY where I was born and raised… I bought a car, packed up my golf clubs and headed to Denver, CO to spend some time with my sisters. While I was in Denver I played a lot of golf and did some other things as well, which you can read about in the Summer of Andy 2006 blog category. Those blogs cover the first two months of my summer, right up to the point where my real adventure started…

If you look back and follow some of the blogs, you’ll see exactly how the Summer of Andy Fight Against Breast Cancer Golf Tour got started. It was originally an idea from my brother-in-law that I sort of transformed into a 48 state golf tour to raise money for breast cancer. I don’t want to get into the details here on this site, but you should be able to find all the information you’re looking for at the Breast Cancer Golf Tour page. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me on the Summer of Andy website.

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