View from Skylon Tower Niagara Falls

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls

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When we were in Niagara Falls, we wanted to take a trip to the Skylon Tower observation deck to see the falls from an aerial view. On the way to the Skylon Tower, you pass through a rather large arcade. It was easy for us to walk through without spending money, but I am sure that many families have been sucked into stopping to play some games by the urging of their kids.

We purchased our tickets at the ticket counter. In hindsight, I wish that we realized we could have gotten a discount by purchasing tickets online. We paid $13.91 instead of the discounted $10.79. Since we were in Canada, the pricing is in Canadian dollars so the price in US dollars is less.

Before we were allowed to get in the elevator line, we were routed to a green screen for a picture. Everyone that has been to any touristy type of place, knows that this is the souvenir picture that they will try and sell you. We then took the yellow bug elevator up to the top of the Skylon tower which was a quick 52 seconds.

We decided to go at night since that is when we had time and we figured that the light show on the falls would be cool to look at. I have to say I was a little disappointed. There was fencing around the observation deck which makes sense from a safety perspective, but made it really hard to get a great shot of the falls. Andy basically had to hold his camera between the chain linking to get a shot without fencing in it. The mist from the falls blocks part of the view of the horseshoe which makes the view less exciting.

We considered having dinner at the Revolving Dining Room so we could get the view without having to pay to go to the observation deck, but figured that being a tourist attraction, the meal would be overpriced and not very good.

If we were to go back to Niagara Falls, I don’t think that I would do the Skylon tower again. The view is nice, but not worth the price of admission. I would only recommend going it if it is warm out since it is extremely windy that high up. When we were at the Skylon Tower it was quite cold out and with the intense wind it was unbearable to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

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