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One of the highlights of our honeymoon around Southeast Asia was our time spent in Sapa, Vietnam where we did a homestay with Pham, a local Red Dao tribe member. After an overnight train ride from Hanoi to Lao Cai, we got a ride through the countryside to the village of Sapa. Our adventure in Sapa included a trek through the hills in the rural Vietnam countryside where we got to experience some of the local traditions and enjoy the views of the amazing rice fields that line the hillsides. Even though the weather was not the best it could have been, we were told that it was the nicest it had been in weeks and the first time it hadn’t rained in a while. Our homestay with Pham was such a great experience and we had more fun than we ever thought we would have. Below are pictures of some of our favorite experiences from our time in Sapa, Vietnam.

  • Stairs Leading to the Covered Markets in Sapa Vietnam
  • Man Carrying His Children Down Stairs in Sapa Vietnam
  • Older Vietnamese Man Carries a Young Boy in Sapa Vietnam
  • Busy Markets in Sapa Vietnam
  • Shops Selling Hand Embroidered Goods in Sapa Vietnam
  • Street Vendors Selling Flowers in Sapa Vietnam
  • Older Gentlemen Talk and Laugh in Sapa Vietnam
  • House Sits on a Hillside in Sapa Vietnam
  • Young Boy Sits Outside in Sapa Vietnam
  • At the Start of our Trek in Sapa Vietnam
  • The Muddy Path During our Hike
  • Rice Terraces in the Hill Country of Sapa
  • Rice Terraces and Home on the Hillside in Sapa
  • Trekking Across the Rice Terraces in Sapa
  • Kids Walking on the Rice Terraces in Sapa
  • Young Boy Hoop Rolling in Sapa Vietnam
  • Pigs in the Mud Along the Road in Sapa Vietnam
  • Small Child in Sapa Vietnam Plays in the Mud
  • Young Boy Guides a Water Buffalo in Sapa Vietnam
  • Muddy Road to Pham's House with Guides
  • Herbal Bath During our Homestay in Sapa
  • Homestay at Pham's in Sapa
  • Homestay at Pham's in Sapa Dining Area
  • Homestay at Pham's in Sapa Kitchen
  • Stairs Upstairs to Our Room at Homestay
  • Homestay with Pham - Sitting Area
  • Homestay with Pham - Open Space Area
  • Our Bedroom During our Homestay with Pham
  • Plucking and Cleaning the Chicken for Dinner
  • Chicken Cooking over Coals - Homestay in Sapa
  • Cooked Chicken for Our Dinner at Pham's
  • Fried Spring Rolls as and Appetizer
  • Part of our Dinner - Beef and Vegetables
  • Rice Wine Shots with Pham's Family
  • Homestay in Sapa with Our Host Pham

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