Enjoying the Beautiful Landscape in San Blas

San Blas Islands & Sailing Photos

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Our sailing trip from Panama to Cartagena with a few days spent in the San Blas Islands was something that we both were really looking forward to. I’m always in search of the perfect beach with soft white sand and clear blue water. Even though the sand on the beaches was not always extremely soft, the water was just about as clear as it could get in some places.

We actually took hundreds of pictures during our time in San Blas, so our photos below are just a few of our favorite shots, along with some pictures of our boat, the Sailing Koala. I almost wish we were able to get more photos of life on the boat, but walking around a boat with a DSLR is not always the easiest thing… especially with the possibility of slipping and dropping the camera in the ocean.

I feel like a lot of our images make our time in San Blas look like it was the most perfect place, but Lynn definitely pointed out some of the less glamorous parts of our trip in her article about our sailing trip. I’m definitely not complaining though, because it was beautiful in San Blas and definitely one of the most amazing beach settings we have ever visited.

Beautiful Island in San Blas

Boats Anchored Near and Island in San Blas

Sitting on a Fallen Tree in San Blas

Well Maintained Island in San Blas

Island in San Blas with a Bar and Picnic Tables

Enjoying the Beautiful Landscape in San Blas

Swimming to the Island in San Blas

The Sailing Koala in San Blas

Enjoying the Amazing Water and View in San Blas

Having Beers on an Island in San Blas

Lynn with Shaggy the Dog in San Blas

Lynn Holding a Lobster in San Blas

Andy Holding a Crab in San Blas

Crab and Lobsters on a Kuna Boat in San Blas

Sailing Koala Guests Group Shot

Crazy Group Shot of Sailing Koala Guests

Starfish Under Water in San Blas

Pelican Flying in San Blas

Canoe in the Water at Sunset in San Blas

Sitting at the Front of the Boat in San Blas

Andy Jumping off Boat in San Blas

Lynn Floating at Sea in San Blas

Andy Kayaking in San Blas

Our Cabin on the Sailing Koala

Laying Down in Our Bed on the Sailing Koala

Bathroom on the Sailing Koala

Sailing Koala Kitchen

Sailing Koala Main Cabin Fabian Resting

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