Sakorn Residence Chiang Mai Thailand

Sakorn Residence – Chiang Mai, Thailand

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There are quite a few hotels in the Chiang Mai area so narrowing our selection down was quite hard. After doing some digging for prices and checking reviews against TripAdvisor, we decided to stay at the Sakorn Residence. The room rates were affordable and had good reviews.

The Superior King Room

We booked a superior king room as it was a good size and the price was right – only 1400 baht or $42 per night during high season. I looked at the super superior king rooms but other than being slightly larger and having a bathtub, the rooms were identical.

  • Sakorn Residence Superior King Room Bed
  • Sakorn Residence Desk, Refrigerator, and TV
  • Sakorn Residence Bathroom
  • Sakorn Residence Bathroom Shower

When we arrived at the hotel we were surprised at how large the room was. It had a very comfortable king bed, decent size refrigerator, small balcony and large closets.

Amenities at Sakorn Residence

There are quite a few amenities offered at the Sakorn Residence.

During check in we were given breakfast coupons for each day we were staying. At breakfast, we presented our coupons and the meal was comped. The breakfast area is in a covered area outside by the pool which is quite nice. Since it is morning, it felt great out and was never too hot.

My biggest complaint about the breakfast was that the menu was the same every day and had only a handful of options. This was a big difference from our hotel in Cambodia, the MotherHome Inn where there was a wide array of food that changed every day.

I wouldn’t recommend ordering the cereal. The morning after I ate it I felt sick. The next day Andy ordered it and also felt sick as well. We put it together after the fact and realized that it must have been the milk that had made both of us sick.

Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand so it is much cooler than the southern beach towns. That being said we did take a dip in the pool but it was a little too cool to really enjoy it. I imagine that in the summer months it is quite refreshing to spend the afternoon at the pool.

Sakorn Residence View from the Balcony

Security guard
Whenever we left or arrived at night, there was a security guard out front. He would open the gate for us so we could get into the hotel.

Even though the hotel is in a safe area, it is always a benefit to have additional security.

Great staff
The staff at the hotel was great. They set us up with a driver to take us around Chiang Mai for the day, directed us to the closest laundry facility and arranged a taxi to take us to the airport very early in the morning.

Everyone spoke English well and was very accommodating in answering any questions that we had.

Fitness room
Let’s get real, we didn’t use the fitness center when we were at the hotel. For those that are more committed to their fitness than we are, it is a basic room but everything that you would need to get in a quick workout. An added bonus is that it is air conditioned, keeping you out of the heat.

The Location

The one negative that the hotel had was the location. It was a 20 minute walk to town and didn’t have a ton of restaurants close by. While it was in a quiet part of town, it was outside of the town walls where all of the action is.

Should you take a taxi they will charge more for your ride since it is outside of the town walls. While it doesn’t sound like it would be much more expensive, drivers rip you off charging you 4x more than an in-town ride. Our loophole for not paying this was taking a taxi to the edge of the walls and walking the rest of the way to the hotel.

Final Thoughts

While the hotel itself was very nice, I would recommend staying within the city walls for the most authentic Chiang Mai experience.

If you want to get away from the action and be a little more secluded, I highly recommend staying at the Sakorn Residence.

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