Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

Room Place For You – Dubrovnik, Croatia

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When looking for a place to stay in Dubrovnik, I realized that there were a lot of options, but many of them were over our budget. Because we always want to stay on or below budget on lodging, I kept digging, knowing that I would be able to find something.

I then stumbled upon Room Place for You an oddly named room for rent. It was below budget, in a good location and had great reviews. We knew that this was the place for us and booked our stay.

Since it wasn’t a traditional hotel, we coordinated the time that we would be arriving with our host so they could be there to let us in. The daughter of the family who runs the rentals was at work, but she let us know that her parents would be able to let us in when we arrived.

After ringing the bell for her parent’s place we were greeted very warmly. Not only were they extremely friendly, they also came bearing gifts – lemonade and homemade cake! It’s no secret that both Andy and I love dessert (him more so than me). This was definitely a way to win our hearts and we both enjoyed the cake for lunch, a meal that we missed while we were in transit from Kotor, Montenegro.

Welcome Dessert at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

Our Room

Our room was a private room that was off of the family’s home. While I thought this would be weird, it was no different than being off of a hallway in a hotel. We only saw our hosts once during the 2 nights that we were there, so privacy was not an issue at all.

Courtyard Entrance at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

Hallway Entrance at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

The room itself was extremely clean and had everything that we needed – from a mini fridge to a large armoire for storage and an air conditioner. The bed was really comfortable, something that we both appreciated since we slept very well there.

Bed at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

Desk TV and Closet at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

The Bathroom

We had plenty of hot water as well as good water pressure during our stay. This was much appreciated since we had to stagger our showers at our apartment in Kotor in order to both have hot water.

Bathroom at Room Place For You in Dubrovnik Croatia

Like the rest of the apartment, the bathroom was extremely clean and there was even mini bottles of shampoo for us to use.


The location was inside the city walls which was perfect for us. The challenging part of the location was the fact that the apartment was located on one of the highest parts of town which required us to climb up a lot of stairs to get to our room.

Stairs Leading Up to Our Guesthouse in Dubrovnik Croatia

While we didn’t love the hike up to the room, especially when we arrived and had all of our gear, we got good at planning to be out on the town the majority of the day. We figured if we were out all day we wouldn’t need to walk up to our room part way through the day.

Final Thoughts

We both really enjoyed our stay at Room Place for You. While it would have been nice to have a kitchen to cook some meals, it wasn’t a huge deal since the grocery stores in town had a very limited selection of groceries.

If we were to return to Dubrovnik, I would absolutely stay at Room Place for You again – the price was right, the room was clean and the hosts were extremely friendly.

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