Rocketmiles: Earn Miles for Hotel Stays

Rocketmiles: Earn Miles for Hotel Stays

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Since I don’t have a hotel chain that I have alliance to, it doesn’t make sense to collect points through a hotel loyalty program. I have decided that earning miles for my stays using Rocketmiles is a better deal for me. Rocketmiles allows me the flexibility to stay wherever I want and doesn’t keep points I earn trapped in a hotel loyalty program… Which for me at least, could take years to earn enough for a free nights stay.

Relatively recently, Rocketmiles emerged as a easy way to earn a lot of miles by staying at a hotel. The minimum per night is 1,000 miles but some dates & hotels will reach up to 5,000 miles a night. If you subscribe to Rocketmiles emails, you’ll be in the loop with special offers. Some examples are bonus points for hotels in Mexico around Cinco de Mayo or bonus points around Mothers Day.

There are a number of different partners that participate in Rocketmiles but my favorites are American Airlines, United and Southwest.

Rocketmiles Partners

Things to Look out for When Booking with Rocketmiles

  • Sometimes the hotel prices are higher than they would be booking directly through the hotel
  • Your credit card is run at the time of booking
  • Many of the rates are non-refundable
  • The hotel & Rocketmiles have different addresses & brought up a fraud alert on my credit card when I booked

Rocketmiles - How it Works

Andy and I have booked 2 hotels using Rocketmiles and have to say, it’s worked out quite well for us. Both of our bookings were the exact same price as booking directly through the hotel but we got the added benefit of getting airline points.

If you travel quite a bit for work or have a strong hotel brand preference, this may not be the direction that is best for you. If you’re a casual traveler, it’s definitely worth a look.

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