Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

Retro Style Airbnb Apartment – Ljubljana, Slovenia

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I was surprised at just how expensive places to stay in Ljubljana were when I started looking. Fortunately I was able to find an apartment on Airbnb which was within budget and fit all of our requirements.

Shortly after I requested to stay at the apartment, our request was accepted. Our host lives in San Francisco, not Ljubljana, so he connected us with his friend who would let us in. After some back and forth, it was decided that the easiest way for us to connect would be to meet us at the bus station. I told him the bus that we would be on and he said he would find us there. The pickup was easy and we were given a ride to the apartment instead of having to take the city bus.

The Apartment

I had seen pictures of the apartment when I booked the place, but when we arrived, it really hit us just how 60’s style the apartment was. Everything was custom built and had some nod to the 60’s era which was pretty fun. It was surprising to us just how big the apartment felt since it wasn’t an overly large space.

Closet in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

I really enjoyed the bed, which was tucked away in a nook of sorts. Andy did not appreciate it at all, since the bed hurt his back. It was unfortunate that it wasn’t comfortable for him since we had booked 4 nights at the apartment.

Bed in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

The apartment was located on the 8th floor, the top level of the apartment building. We really enjoyed this because there was nobody above us to make noise and the elevator made getting up and down very easy.

View from Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia


Similar to the rest of the apartment, the bathroom had a retro feel to it. We enjoyed that the shower had decent water pressure, but in order for us both to have hot water we had to wait a little bit between our showers.

As a fun nod to the 60’s theme of the apartment, even our towels were the in the 60’s style.

Bathroom in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia



The kitchen at the apartment was arguably the best kitchen that we have had to date on our trip. The knives were high quality and sharp, and you could tell that the pots and pans were high quality. This felt so much more like home since most apartments stock the rental kitchens with the cheapest, most basic equipment they can find.

Kitchen in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

There was a dishwasher which was a huge perk for us and marked the first time that we have had a dishwasher on our trip. We loved being able to use whatever we wanted without having to wash everything by hand.

Another perk at the apartment was the fact that there were some food items that we were able to use. The owner is a foodie and said that he always wants there to be some food when people arrive at the apartment. In addition to some chocolates and a bottle of Slovenian wine, there was also pasta, rice and some fruit. It was a nice touch that we appreciated a lot.

Washer & Dryer

The apartment had a washer and dryer combo which was a great perk. We had previously had washing machines, but never our own dryer. In addition to the washing machine, there was also a really good laundry detergent that we were able to use which got out every spot and stain that we had on our clothes.

Washer Dryer in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

Even though we had done laundry not too long before, we decided that we would wash everything that we needed done, including our jackets. It felt great when we left, not only because all of our clothes were clean, but because everything felt soft from the dryer, not stiff from air drying.

Satellite Radio

When I saw that there was a radio, I decided to turn it on. Once I turned it on, I realized that it was not a normal radio, but a satellite radio. This meant that we were able to listen to music from all over the world. After messing with Andy by turning on some funny stations – Egyptian radio and Cambodian radio, I found the Chicago stations.

It felt good but also kind of weird to listen to my Chicago radio station when I was all the way in Slovenia.

Sitting Area in Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia


The location left a little to be desired. We were in the part of town where locals live which is a little removed from the touristy, downtown area. There is a public bus which runs to the center of town, but we opted to walk instead since it wasn’t too far and the tickets were a little expensive for a 5 minute ride.

Street View of Our Retro Style Airbnb Apartment in Ljubljana Slovenia

It was an easy 20 minute walk to the center of town. The walk was never bad, except for our last walk to the bus station when we had all of our gear on. By the end, we were both anxious to get our bags off and give our backs a break.

There were grocery stores not too far from the apartment, but we were excited to walk a little further to go to the Lidl, a division of Aldi, our favorite grocery store back home.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that we ended up staying at the apartment. While the location wasn’t perfect, it was made up for in the great amenities and being able to call such a unique space our home for 4 nights.

I would recommend this apartment to anyone who is looking to stay in Ljubljana and doesn’t mind being a little removed from town. The trade off is a great space with lots of amenities that you won’t find by staying downtown – especially not for such a great price.

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