Posada de la Flor in Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

Posada de la Flor – Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

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Most people that visit Colonia del Sacramento just go for the day. We decided that we would stay the night, before heading down to Montevideo. When I started looking for places to stay, I began to realize that this would be a place that we would be over budget.

After a lot of digging I found Posada de la Flor. It wasn’t that far over budget, the reviews were good, it included breakfast and we would have access to the hotel’s bicycles.

Our ferry arrived into Colonia del Sacramento a little after 9am. We arrived at the hotel around 9:45am and we had our fingers crossed that we’d be able to check in early. I don’t know if it was the fact that we sat in the lobby and waited for our room, or if they were interested in pleasing their guests, but our room was ready just after 11am.

We took pictures of the room and proceeded to fall asleep for a while. When we booked the 8am ferry, we had no idea that we would have to be there 1.5 hours before the ferry left. Trying to save some money, we took the subway as close to the port as we could, where we could then take a short, inexpensive cab ride. This required a very early 4:30am wakeup call.

Glicina Room at Posada de la Flor

Our room was tucked into the corner of the ground floor courtyard. The bed looked massive which was exciting to us until we realized it was the South American “large double” which is just 2 twin size beds pulled together. The worst part of this configuration is that the seam of the mattresses is in the middle of the bed, which isn’t the most comfortable thing for 2 people sharing a bed. Additionally, the mattress and the pillows weren’t great which didn’t help the situation.

Glicina Room at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

Our room had a chandelier in it which reminded us of our apartment in Mendoza and the ceiling was pretty cool with exposed beams.


The bathroom, while clean, seemed to be in need of an update. The tiles were looking a little old and nothing was modern at all. As we have come to expect, there was a bidet in our bathroom as well.

Toilet in the Glicina Room at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

We had our own water heater which was good in the sense that our showers would be hot, even if other people were showering at the same time. What wasn’t so good is that there was an electrical plug with enough electricity to heat a water tank in our shower. It was another one of those moments that we have had abroad where we have said “there is no way in hell any of this would pass building code back in the US.”

Shower in the Glicina Room at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

Bathroom Water Heater in the Glicina Room at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

Posada de la Flor – Amenities


It had been a while since we had a good breakfast included in our room rate and weren’t holding our breath. We were surprised when we saw the spread which included a number of options – mostly breads, baked goods and fruit.

Dining Area at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

Breakfast at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

My favorite part of breakfast was the brownies. While I wouldn’t say that they would be considered good back at home, they were better than any baked dessert that we have had in a while. I decided to go back again and again, eating about 4 very small brownies with my breakfast.

Outdoor Areas

There were 2 different shared outdoor areas at the hotel – the courtyard and a rooftop deck.

The setup of the hotel was such that every room faced the interior courtyard. While normally this would give some level of tranquility as you are not facing a busy street, it turned out to be the opposite. We were unfortunate in that there were a number of families staying at the hotel when we were there. Actually, to be more correct, we were unfortunate that there were a number of families with kids who were loud and whose parents made no effort in keeping them quiet. The noise of children screaming channeled into our room which was very annoying to us. Fortunately at night, the noise of kids screaming had stopped.

Outdoor Area at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

The rooftop deck overlooked the water and was a nice area to sit and relax. We had purchased some local beers and snacks at the grocery store. It was nice to have our own little happy hour, looking over the water.

Rooftop Area at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay


One of the reasons that we decided to book the hotel was that they had bicycles that guests could use free of charge. We thought that it would be a great way to see the city and hopefully have better experiences than our biking in Banos or Cafayate.

When we were walking to the hotel we noticed that all of the streets were a cobblestone type material and that there were a lot of hills. Since the bikes were beach cruiser style, we thought that it would not be the best riding conditions.

Bikes Available at Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

After walking around, we realized that all of the sights that we wanted to see were nearby so the bikes were not needed after all.


Colonia del Sacramento is an extremely small town which makes having a bad location just about impossible. The hotel was located on a quiet, tree lined street, very close to the water. It was a very short 5 minute walk to town.

Street View of Posada de la Flor in Colonia Uruguay

Final Thoughts

We were extremely happy that we stayed in Colonia del Sacramento since there was nobody around all of the sights in the morning. If we were to do it again, I would probably stay somewhere else.

When we decided to go over budget, I expected that the room would feel over budget. This was not the case – the room felt very average. In hindsight we should have booked the place that was within our budget but had a shared bathroom. While it wouldn’t have been ideal to have to share a bathroom, it would have been within our budget.

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