PointsHound: Earn Miles for Hotel Stays

PointsHound: Earn Miles for Hotel Stays

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Whenever I book a hotel, I always check PointsHound to see how many miles I can earn for my stay. PointsHound has a business model where they sell rooms to consumers and offer a bonus of airline miles for booking through them. If you have not yet signed up for PointsHound, please use my referral link so we can both earn 500 miles once you book your first stay.

PointsHound is newer to the game but has a few benefits over Rocketmiles. To showcase the difference, I searched a 1 night stay in the same city using both sites.


  • More hotel options – PointsHound came back with 44 options whereas Rocketmiles only offered 7. That is a dramatic 6x more options!
  • More lower priced hotels – The cheapest option through PointsHound was $52 compared to Rocketmiles $139
  • Price match guarantee – Some hotels offer a price match guarantee. If the hotel is listed as a price match hotel and you find the rate cheaper on another site, PointsHound will refund you the difference. There are very few hotels that participate and a number of limitations so I expect it would be challenging to get the claim approved.


  • Fewer transfer partners – United is not a partner with PointsHound. They exclusively work with Rocketmiles, likely because their CEO previously worked for United MileagePlus
  • Large search radius – PointsHound pulls more hotels, but it also will pull a large search radius. When I searched for hotels in Flagstaff, it was pulling in hotels in Phoenix as well which is a 2 hour drive. You can filter by neighborhood, but that can be challenging if you are not familiar with the city.

The number of miles earned per stay can vary by site so always check both. If you stay at a PointsHound Big Earn hotel, you could earn more miles than you would through Rocketmiles. Big Earn hotels are usually the 3 star or higher level and provide bonuses of 2x – 4x more miles than a standard stay. As you can imagine, this adds up quickly!

Rocketmiles was just aquired by Priceline so I’m curious to see how the business model will change once they are fully merged.

As always, before you book a hotel check to see what the price of the hotel is through their own website. If you’re just staying 1 night in a hotel, you may be better off going a completely different route. Southwest offers 750 points per hotel stay at many hotels. In order to get these points credited, you’ll need to open a loyalty account through the hotel and elect to earn Southwest points instead of hotel points.

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