Moxy Hotel Milan Airport Italy

Moxy Hotel – Milan Airport, Italy

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Our flight from Sharm el-Sheikh was due to arrive in Milan at 3am. Knowing that we would be exhausted and ready to fall asleep immediately, I looked for hotels as close to the airport as possible. I was very excited when I found the Moxy Hotel as it was located within the airport grounds, within budget and looked really great.

The Hotel

The Moxy is part of the Marriott brand of hotels. While it is part of the Marriott brand, it is one of their younger, trendier brands within the chain. Everything about the hotel was different from your average hotel – from the purple lighting on the exterior of the building to the decorations within the hotel, they were all very fun and non-traditional.

The front desk agents spoke English very well and were kind enough to give us a late checkout. We were extremely appreciative as we wanted nothing more than to be able to sleep in since we didn’t arrive at the hotel until after 4am.

Our Room at the Moxy Hotel

When we first opened the door to our room we noticed how clean the room was. The second thing that we noticed was how the room was quite small. I imagine that by keeping the rooms small, the hotel is able to charge a little less for the rooms, a tradeoff I was happy to make.

Bed at the Moxy Hotel at the Milan Airport in Italy

TV at the Moxy Hotel at the Milan Airport in Italy

As we were getting ready for bed, we noticed quite a few really cool features that the hotel had. My favorite feature was the dim lights that were located under the bed, which turned on automatically when your feet got close to it.

The bed was very comfortable although I am pretty sure that I could have fallen asleep on a wooden board at the point I arrived at the hotel. The black out curtains were a nice touch as we planned to sleep long after the sun rose in the morning.

The Bathroom

After spending 5 months in the 2nd and 3rd world, I was extremely excited to have a 1st world bathroom again. There was plenty of hot water, the rainfall showerhead had great water pressure and the sink was massive. Plus, for the first time in a very long time, I was able to drink water directly from the tap.

Bathroom at the Moxy Hotel at the Milan Airport in Italy

Shower at the Moxy Hotel at the Milan Airport in Italy

One thing that was odd was what I thought was a clothesline in the shower. I didn’t see where the end of the line hooked so I looked more. Turns out, it is a SOS alert for the front desk should there be an emergency. I’m not sure how often this gets pulled and what the front desk does when it is, but I thought it was interesting.

Final Thoughts

Andy and I always joke that whenever we stay at a really nice place, we never spend any time there – the Moxy Hotel was no exception. When we left in the early afternoon we were sad that we didn’t have more time to spend at the hotel since it was really great.

The hotel was advertised as being located at the airport. It was not physically connected to the airport but was a short walk away. This was a little annoying for us as there was some cold rain when we were walking to the hotel and our umbrellas were packed in our bags.

If I were to fly through the Milan airport again, I would absolutely stay at the Moxy Hotel again. The room was clean, the staff was kind and the location was great.

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