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MotherHome Inn – Siem Reap Cambodia

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I did a lot of research on different hotels in the Siem Reap area before committing to MotherHome Inn. I knew that I wanted to stay at a locally run hotel, not a chain as it is important to me to promote the local community, especially in a poor country such as Cambodia. As a traveler who loves to save money, Cambodia was a dream come true! The hotel prices were so inexpensive compared to home and there were many different options to choose from.

Selecting a Hotel in Siem Reap

MotherHome Inn had great Tripadvisor reviews, with nearly all of the reviews being full 5 star reviews. This to me solidified that it was the best choice for us. We booked a deluxe double room for $33 a night instead of the larger honeymoon room for $45. We figured that we didn’t need the larger room or the bottle of wine and fruit basket. We added in the notes that we were coming for our honeymoon in hopes that we might get an upgrade or at least have a decorated room.

MotherHome Inn offers free tuk tuk rides from the airport to the hotel from 7am – 10pm. Unfortunately, we arrived after 10pm, but worked with the hotel to arrange $7 for a tuk tuk ride. The driver met us outside the airport holding a sign with our name on it and drove us the short distance to the hotel. Once we arrived at the MotherHome Inn, we were greeted by the front desk agent. We were given a cold washcloth to wipe our faces and a welcome drink. He took down our information and checked us in on their system. We signed a few things then he took our heavy backpacks and we rode the elevator up to our room.

The Deluxe Double Room

Our room was nicer than what you would expect to receive for $33 a night, but not on the same level as a Marriott. We knew that going in and were perfectly happy with our selection. The room was very clean, a good size and had everything that we needed – a bed, toilet, shower, wi-fi, air conditioning and a safety deposit box.

The bathroom was a non-traditional wet room style. The showerhead was on the wall but there was no shower basin or shower walls. The shower was always hot as there was a hot water on demand box on the wall, while this was nice, it didn’t offer that great of water pressure. We jokingly named the bathroom here the toilet shower since when you were showering, the toilet was right next to you.

The bed was OK but not the best bed that we have ever slept in. It was quite firm and felt a little springy. For the 5 nights that we were in Siem Reap, it was perfectly fine, but any longer and it may have been a challenge for us.

In order to get power in our room, we had to put our key in the holder by the door. This was a power saving measure for the hotel so we understood. Sometimes we needed power for our netbook or to charge our electronic devices when we were down by the pool or having breakfast. To work around the system, we took our key off the keychain so we would have power to our room when we weren’t there. This allowed us to upload pictures to our Google Drive to ensure that should anything happen to our camera that we didn’t lose all of our pictures.

Amenities at the MotherHome Inn

The wi-fi at MotherHome Inn was hit or miss. It was all contingent on the number of people that were on the wi-fi network at any given time. Since we were were still a little jet lagged, we would often wake up super early. In order to get the fast wi-fi, we would take that time to get on the netbook and load some pictures. Whenever we were on at odd times, the speed was quite quick, but when we were on during times that many guests were back, it would sometimes move at a snail’s pace.

Our room had a view of the pool which was really nice as we were able to see if there were lounge chairs available and how many people were in the pool when we were interested in going down. The pool was very well maintained and the perfect temperature, we thoroughly enjoyed cooling off in the pool after spending a day in the hot Cambodian sun.

One of the best parts of the MotherHome Inn, for me at least, was the amazing breakfast spread. There must have been 20 different food options every morning. We stayed a total of 5 nights and every day there were some breakfast items that we hadn’t seen before. The breakfast included a mix of both Asian and American food items. Being a lover of all kinds of soup, my favorite breakfast was the soup with rice noodles which were cooked to order on a little cart by the pool.

The location of the MotherHome Inn was great, just a short 15 minute walk or a $1-2 tuk tuk ride to the downtown area. There were tuk tuk drivers that worked for the MotherHome Inn and were always outside of the hotel. The pricing that they offered was comparable to other drivers that we encountered so it was more of a convenience to hotel guests than a moneymaking venture for the hotel.

Final Thoughts

The staff at the MotherHome Inn were great. Whenever we returned from being outside, the employees would greet us with cold washcloths. It always felt amazing since Cambodia can get quite hot and rather dusty. Everyone always greeted us when we passed by them in the hall or walked by the front desk and they were available to answer any questions that we had. The front desk even printed our boarding passes so we wouldn’t have to wait in line at the airport.

When we return to Cambodia, I want to stay at the MotherHome Inn again. It holds a special place in my heart since it was where we spent the first night of our honeymoon and our favorite city that we visited on our 3 week trip around Southeast Asia. Maybe next time we’ll splurge for the Honeymoon Room.

MotherHome Inn Photos

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