MileagePlus X App Earn Miles Shopping

MileagePlus X App – Earn Miles Shopping

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Whenever I spend any amount of money, I always consider if there is a way to earn miles. One of the newer ways to earn miles is through United’s MileagePlus X app.

How Do You Earn Miles?

  1. Download the MileagePlus X app on your smartphone
  2. Your phone will use your location and pull up stores/restaurants within a 5 mile radius as well as a list of online retailers that participate in the program
  3. Purchase a gift card in any amount using credit cards that you have stored in your United airlines account
  4. Pay using your gift card on your phone

United credit card holders earn a 25% bonus on top of the listed miles. The best part is you don’t have to use your United credit card to get the bonus miles.

Earning Miles Online

My favorite participating retailer is Amazon. I’m a member of Amazon Prime so getting whatever I order shipped to my door 2 days after I purchase it is a huge benefit.

While getting 1 mile per dollar isn’t going to get me an award ticket quickly, it does continue adding to my mileage total which is my goal. Plus it is super easy to purchase a gift card for any amount that I need to complete my purchase, not just even dollar amounts like you find in most retailers.

Negatives of Using

There really aren’t many negatives to using MileagePlus X.

The only 2 issues that I can see are:

  1. If you were to return something, you would get a gift card not a refund on your credit card
  2. Your purchase would not be covered under your credit card warranty

The majority of the participating locations are restaurants so neither of these would be a concern for that.

How Quickly Do Miles Post?

Miles post instantly after the gift card has been redeemed. This is a huge benefit over the standard shopping portals which sometimes don’t post when they should and require a follow up to Cartera, the company that runs the portals.

Final Thoughts

Download the app and see if there are any participating stores that you regularly visit/shop at. If so, consider adding an additional step to your purchase process to earn miles. While you likely won’t earn thousands of miles through MileagePlus X, you will slowly but surely continue to grow your award balance.

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