Mi Casa Guatape Hostel

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel

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When Andy and I decided that we were going to make a last minute trip to Guatape, we began to look for places to stay. Since it was a holiday weekend in Colombia, everything was pretty much booked solid. We tried to book Saturday and Sunday night at Mi Casa Guatape, but they only had availability on Sunday. We decided to spend Saturday night at Hotel Los Recuerdos, a fancier hotel above our budget, before we moved to Mi Casa Guatape which was within our budget.

Our Room

Even though our room itself was on the small side, it was clean, comfortable and private. We booked the master bedroom which had a lake view and is the only room at the hostel which has a private bathroom.

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Private Room Bed

The bed was super comfortable, something that as we continue our lives on the road, we are valuing more and more. My favorite part of the room though was the hot shower. After taking the shortest, coldest shower at the Hotel Los Recuerdos, I enjoyed a long, leisurely shower.

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Private Bathroom

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Private Bathroom Shower

The Hosts

Our hosts were Suzy and Sean, a married couple who were previously backpackers. Because they lived on the road, they have a unique perspective of what travelers truly want and need. They were both extremely friendly, actively spending time with their guests and giving tips on things to see in the area which we did not find online.



While I absolutely love to cook, I typically hate communal kitchens at hostels. They are normally so sad looking with the bare minimum number of the lowest quality items needed for someone to cook the most basic of meals.

The kitchen at Mi Casa Guatape could not have been more different – it was modern, clean, stocked with high end knives, nice cookware and a fully stocked spice rack. Had we been at the hostel for more than 1 night we would have cooked up dinner. It was hard to justify trying to find a market to buy ingredients to make a single dinner for us.

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Kitchen

The fridge was even stocked with cold, local beers. Everything was on the honor system, just add the cost to your tab when you check out of the hostel.


Sean had quite a library of movies on a hard drive. Guests could either watch a movie on the communal TV or save the file on their computer. We were quite excited to add quite a few more movies to our computer – they entertain us when we have bad weather, long travel times or just need to kick back and relax.

Since we had picked up quite a few movies from other travelers, we shared some of our movies with a very excited Sean.


As with most hostels, there was a library where travelers could swap books. There were also a number of travel books as well as maps and information about other cities in Colombia. We did some quick reading about Bogota when we were there, preparing us for our upcoming travels.

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Library & Games


The hostel owners had adopted one of the stray dogs that was in the area. He looked like my friend Emily’s dog Pablo and was super sweet. I desperately wanted him to love me but he seemed content hanging out on his own.

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Dog

The front balcony had a hammock which was a nice place to lay and relax. While it was a little chilly to enjoy it for too long, it was nice nonetheless. If you went to the rear balcony, you had a nice view of the lake.

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Front Balcony Hammock

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Back Balcony

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Lake View

There is a waterfall in Guatape which you can’t visit without a guide. Sean became certified as a guide and can take guests. We considered going on the hike but opted against it, knowing that the holiday weekend would mean that there would be tons of people on the trail and in/around the water.


The location of the hostel was a little removed from town, while close to La Piedra del Penon, the main attraction in Guatape, it was quite a distance to anything else. They had a map painted on the wall of the living area which was an easy way of seeing where the hostel was located in comparison to downtown Guatape and other attractions. In order to get to town you had 3 options: taxi, hour long walk or a shared jeep. We always opted for the shared jeeps which were quite inexpensive and got us to town quickly.

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Painted Wall Map

Final Thoughts

After we spent our night at Mi Casa Guatape, I was so bummed out that we weren’t able to stay another night. The hosts were great, the room was very nice and the area was perfect – close to town but far enough away to be quiet.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Guatape, I highly recommend Mi Casa Guatape. It felt more like a boutique B&B than a hostel.

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