Mamaison Residence Bratislava Slovakia

Mamaison Residence – Bratislava, Slovakia

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When we decided that we were going to visit Bratislava, we joked about the movie EuroTrip and how cheap we expected everything to be. When I started looking for places to stay, I was surprised just how expensive things were. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon the Mamaison Residence. While the executive apartments typically go for $100 a night, they had a promotion through which brought the rate down to $50 per night.

Room 207 at Mamaison Residence

When we first opened the door to our apartment, we were shocked at the sheer size of the room. It was huge with a dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Upon closer inspection we realized that while it was large, it was also looking a little worn down. Everything was still very clean, it was just in need of some updates and maintenance. This wasn’t a huge deal for us as everything was clean and for the price, we couldn’t complain.

Bedroom in Room 207 at Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

Living and Dining Area in Room 207 at Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

While the website boasted that our room would have a view of the castle, we did not have a view. If we were on a higher floor, I’m sure that the overall view would have been much better than what we had.

Our Bathroom

The bathroom at the hotel was a little non-traditional. We had a tub/shower combo right off our bedroom but the toilet was located off the living room area. It was a little strange to have to walk through the living area to use the toilet, but it was nice to have some additional privacy.

Toilet in Room 207 at Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

Our shower was great with continuous hot water for as long of a shower as we wanted to take. This was a welcome change for us, as the past few places that we stayed at had small water heaters which didn’t give us a ton of hot water.

Shower in Room 207 at Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

Mamaison Residence – Amenities


The apartment had a small, basic kitchenette. Even though it wasn’t fantastic, it was adequate for us to cook up some pretty decent meals. Making things easier for us, there was a Tesco grocery store nearby which was great for picking up everything that we needed.

Kitchen in Room 207 at Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

English Speaking Staff

As we have come to expect in Eastern Europe, the staff spoke English very well. The front desk agent was very helpful, providing us a map of attractions in the area and walked us through how to use the public transportation.

Gym & Sauna

While we did not use the gym or sauna when we were at the hotel, it was a nice touch which made the hotel feel a lot more luxurious than the hotels that we had been staying at throughout the trip.

Laundry Facilities

There was a laundry facility in the basement of the building which had both washers and dryers available for use free of charge. Had we not just washed our clothes in Ljubljana, we would have taken the opportunity to do some laundry while we were there.


When we booked the hotel, we knew that we would be a little removed from the downtown area. This was a concession that we were willing to make in order to get a nice apartment for the same price or less than a hotel in the old town area.

Street View of Mamaison Residence in Bratislava Slovakia

We went directly to the hotel from the bus station. While we knew that there was likely some public transportation to get us closer to our hotel, we were not sure what to take so we sucked it up and walked 20 minutes to the hotel. It wasn’t bad at the beginning, but towards the end it was uphill the entire way. Once we arrived we saw that there was a bus stop which dropped off right outside of the hotel. While it was nice to have the bus there, it never made sense for us to take it as the only thing that was somewhat far away, the train station, would require us to transfer lines which would take longer than walking.

Fortunately, the old town area and castle were much closer to the hotel. We could get just about everywhere that we wanted to go in 10 minutes. The only negative was that the hotel was located at the top of a hill which required an uphill climb to get back.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quiet place that is a little removed from town, the Mamaison Residence is perfect. For us, if we were to return to Bratislava, we would choose to stay in the Old Town area. While it is a little more expensive and somewhat touristy, being centrally located to the sights would have been nicer than being a 10 minute walk away.

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