Airport Luggage Lockers Mexico City

Luggage Lockers at Mexico City Airport

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To save $250 each on airfare to Costa Rica, we decided to take an AeroMexico flight with a 9 hour layover in Mexico City. Although it was an extremely long day of travel, it was a lot of fun as it allowed us to see another city essentially for free.

I did some searches about long layovers in Mexico City and found out that there were luggage lockers available for rent at the airport. We were extremely excited about this as we could put everything that we didn’t need in safekeeping, just in case something were to happen while we were out exploring the city.

In order to minimize the amount of baggage that we had to deal with, we checked both of our suitcases. Once at the Mexico City airport we went through our remaining carry-on items and put anything unnecessary into our backpack for safekeeping in the locker. The luggage lockers were located at the front of Terminal 2 parallel to the street level pickup/drop off zone. After asking for some help, we found the lockers.

The man working the luggage locker station at Terminal 2 was extremely rude and it was quite evident that he was not willing to help us because we were foreigners. He said that all the lockers were full to which I pointed out that there were keys in the lockers so they were not occupied. After saying that he started to remove the keys from the lockers and said that all the lockers were reserved. I again pointed out that there was nowhere to reserve the lockers because I had actually looked for that online. For whatever reason he was unwilling to budge and continued to hold his ground. Growing extremely frustrated, we grabbed a translation agent to help us with the situation. We were in total shock as someone retrieved their bags and the man proceeded to give the “only free locker” to a native couple that was standing behind us.

The translation agent was just as perplexed as us, not understanding why the locker worker was acting in such a way. She mentioned that there was another luggage locker facility in Terminal 1 which was a 15 minute tram ride away. Frustrated but without another option except for taking our valuables all over town with us, we hopped on the tram and headed to the other luggage locker facility.

Much to our surprise, the agent there was extremely pleasant and very helpful. We had our bag in the locker and we were off to the city in no time.

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