Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Tour

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We were only in Louisville for a day on our way to the Smoky Mountains. I did some research on what things were “must see” when we were there. One of the top attractions was the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Tour. Andy is a big Yankees fan so I knew that he would have fun but did not think that I would really have that much fun. Luckily I was wrong, it was really fun for both of us.

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is conveniently located in downtown Louisville. We were able to walk from the Hyatt where we were staying which was a big plus. In the front of the museum there’s a huge bat which is great for photo ops. Being in advertising, I loved the placement of an ad for Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass which showed a broken window and a oversize baseball just several buildings down.

Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass

We went inside where we worked our way through the museum. There were game bats from famous players such as Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth among others. One of the coolest things was the opportunity to hold a bat of a famous player for a picture. The only rule was that you had to wear gloves to protect it and couldn’t hit it on the ground. It was there that I learned that I was never that great of a baseball player; I can’t even hold a bat properly!

After that we went on a tour of the factory. It was very interesting as we saw the entire bat making process all the way through; from the raw wood that comes in, through shaping, burning in the Louisville Slugger logo and sealed with a coating.

The tour showed how they used to make the bats by hand, as well as the current process where the machine outputs a bat exactly as specified by the computer. I had no idea that there were so many different options for bats and how extremely minimal changes can make a big difference for professional baseball players.

I would highly recommend the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory tour, even if you’re not into baseball, like me. It was very interesting, educational and would be fun for children as well.

Louisville Slugger Museum Photos

  • Louisville Slugger Museum Dugout and Sign
  • Louisville Slugger Museum - Andy Derek Jeter's Bat
  • Louisville Slugger Museum 2011 World Series Bats
  • Louisville Slugger Museum Babe Ruth's Bat
  • Louisville Slugger Museum Derek Jeter Wax Figure
  • Louisville Slugger Museum Babe Ruth Wax Figure

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