Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

Little Havana Apartments – Kosice, Slovakia

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Since Kosice, Slovakia isn’t on the tourist circuit, there are far less lodging options available than we were used to seeing. I was shocked as just how expensive the hotels were, many costing $75 or more a night. This was surprising to me since I honestly expected that everything would have been quite a bit cheaper since we were off the tourist trail and in Eastern Europe.

Not wanting to spend over our budget of $50 per night, I got creative and checked out Airbnb. It was there that I found the Little Havana Apartments. The reviews seemed good and the location looked perfect so we booked our stay.

Street View of Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

Since this apartment was rented out by an individual, we had to meet our host when we arrived in Kosice. We gave him our train information and he was there to greet us when we arrived at the apartment. It was a little strange that the bottom floor of the building was a Cuban restaurant, but it was never open during our stay so it was a non-issue.

Our Room at Little Havana Apartments

We walked up a small spiral staircase to reach our room. This wasn’t a problem for us as we had our backpacks, but I imagine that it could be a struggle for someone with large suitcases. Once the door opened the room looked exactly as it did in the pictures online. The design was nice, the room was clean and it had everything that we needed.

Bed at Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

TV and Closet at Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

Small Desk at Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

The only issue that we had during our stay at Little Havana Apartments was how well noise traveled between the rooms. Our first morning we heard a lot of noise including screaming kids and opened our door to see what was going on. There was a family across the hall who saw our annoyed faces yet didn’t apologize, only stating “yeah we’re loud” before continuing on with allowing their children to misbehave. Luckily they were leaving that morning so we didn’t have to deal with them the remainder of our time at the apartment.

The Bathroom

While the room was great, the bathroom left a little to be desired. The shower was a shower tub combo which sounded great in theory, but the shower head was attached to a weird spot on the wall. It reminded us of the showers in Athens and Santorini where we had to hold the shower head while we showered, only this one was a little worse since there was no shower curtain and the positioning of the shower head on the wall made it so that you could not stand up & hold it at the same time. This meant that you had to kneel, sit or bend over to wash your hair.

Bathroom at Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia

After 2 days of doing a weird kneeling, sitting combo while I showered, I was ready to move on to a normal bathroom. I honestly don’t know how people can shower like that long term as it does not seem functional in the least.

The strangest thing was that the toilet was in a separate room between our bedroom and the entry door to our “apartment”. It was very similar to our setup in Bratislava where the shower and toilet were in separate rooms. Again, it was nice to have the privacy of the separate toilet room.

Toilet at Little Havana Apartments in Kosice Slovakia


The best part of the Little Havana Apartments was the location. We were on a side street which was right off the main street through the center of town. We could easily walk to all of the sights in town extremely easily, the furthest being only a 5 minute walk away.

Final Thoughts

I knew that our apartment didn’t have a kitchen when I booked it, but I believe that using the term “apartment” when referring to the room is a bit misleading. While the apartment worked for us and had an amazing location, if we were to go back, we would find a true apartment with a kitchen. There were several amazing grocery stores in town and if we had a kitchen we would have loved to cook some meals.

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