Le Verger B&B Stellenbosch South Africa

Le Verger B&B – Stellenbosch, South Africa

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There were many beautiful looking hotels in the Stellenbosch area so narrowing down our selection was challenging. Since we booked our hotel when we were in Argentina, grossly over budget, we decided to go for the lower priced option. When I found Le Verger B&B, we decided this was our best option – the price was good and the reviews were positive.

Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

We figured that by staying at a lower-cost B&B we could get our budget back on track and apply some of the savings to offset our wine tasting fees.

Room 3 at Le Verger B&B

When we checked in, we were lead to our room. It was basic but very clean, exactly what we expected from the pictures and reviews that we had seen online.

Bed in Room 3 at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

The bed was pretty comfortable but we did not sleep well for the 2 nights we were at the B&B since there was a heat wave and no AC. Since it is not common to have such high temperatures, there is normally not a need to have an AC unit. Since it typically gets cold at night, houses in the area are actually built to retain the heat which meant that our room was warmer than we would have liked it at night, even when we used the provided fan.


The bathroom, like the rest of the room was clean. We had a shower which you had to step down into. It was a strange design but there was good water pressure and adequate hot water.

Bathroom in Room 3 at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Shower in Room 3 at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Le Verger B&B – Amenities

Resident Cat

Andy and I really miss our cat Gingerbread so we were really happy to see a resident cat next to our room when we arrived. Her name was Smartie and she was the owner’s cat. Since we gave her a lot of attention, she would often sit by our room waiting for us to come back and give her some love.

Door to Room 3 at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Lynn with Smartie the Cat at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa


We haven’t been watching much TV during our trip but we were excited to have a TV in South Africa. Since English is the primary language, we were finally be able to watch something other than the news.

TV and Desk in Room 3 at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Only 2 stations worked – BBC and Animal Planet. The programming on Animal Planet was a special on African wildlife, it was perfect timing since we left for our Kenyan safari several days later.


The owner told us that the pool needed some chemicals added to it, but due to the heat wave, guests wanted to use it. This did not allow her to add the necessary chemicals as they require nobody use the pool for a period of time afterwards. We considered taking a dip in the pool since it was very hot, but after seeing the algae that had started to grow in it, were a little turned off and decided against it.

Pool at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Outdoor Areas

We didn’t really have a lot of time to sit around and relax at Le Verger, but there was an outdoor area with chairs and benches. At night it was lit up and would have been nice to sit our and enjoy a glass of wine, but we were a little worried about getting bit by mosquitos.

Outdoor Area at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa


The B&B had wifi but it was spotty. We were told that sometimes it goes off and there isn’t anything that can be done to get the service back up. We have gotten used to spotty wifi during our trip and while annoying, were not too phased by it.

We have learned that whenever there is spotty or very slow wifi, the best and sometimes only time to use it, is when others are not on the network. Whenever we connected late at night or early in the morning, it seemed to work well.


During check in, we were asked if we would be joining them for breakfast. I said yes and was somewhat confused about why it was a question. I learned after the fact that breakfast was not included in the room rate and was 50R or $3.15 extra. It wasn’t a huge amount of money and with the low cost of the room it made sense.

We were the first ones to arrive at breakfast. The spread was decent but not the best that we have had. It included an egg bake, fruit, yogurt, granola and toast.

Drinking Water

We were happy to hear that the water for the B&B was from a well and purified to be safe to drink. It had been quite some time since we were last able to drink tap water, something that you don’t realize you will miss until you aren’t able to drink from a faucet for months on end.

Mini Fridge

Our room had a mini fridge which was great to have. We were able to keep our bottled water cold and store our Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the freezer.


One of our best decisions during our time in South Africa was to rent the TomTom, a GPS device. It was able to get us just about everywhere that we needed to go. One of the exceptions was Le Verger but eventually we were able to find the B&B using our Google maps.

The B&B was located right off a main road near several wineries. This was very convenient for us as we were able to easily get to wineries in the area without having to drive too far.

View at Le Verger B&B in Stellenbosch South Africa

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, basic hotel with great views, I would highly recommend Le Verger.

The host was extremely friendly, doing everything that she could to make our stay enjoyable. We were even able to pay for our stay with our credit card, something that most smaller hotels do not allow. The negatives were the lack of AC (likely only an issue for several weeks of the year) and the spotty wifi.

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