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Inn a Day Bangkok

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There are so many different hotels in Bangkok, it was somewhat overwhelming to narrow it down. Knowing that the traffic in Bangkok is terrible, we narrowed our hotel area to the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok. This was closest to the attractions that we wanted to see and would allow us to walk instead of relying on taxis or trains.

Booking Our Room

I was extremely pleased when I stumbled upon Inn A Day Bangkok. Not only was the location ideal, they also had amazing views of Wat Arun from the room. A visit to TripAdvisor solidified that it was a great hotel with nearly all of the reviews being a full 5 stars.

We booked the 2:00 room (all the rooms are based on times of the day… more on this below!) which had a view of Wat Arun. The pricing was more than the garden views but about half the price of the largest and fanciest rooms located on the top floor.

Getting to the Hotel and Checking in

When I booked our hotel I was given a PDF file of a map. Since the hotel is small and not located on a main road, taxi drivers sometimes have a hard time finding it. We came directly from our AirAsia flight and our driver had to study the map quite a bit, but got us where we needed to go.

Once we arrived, we were greeted with a refreshing hibiscus tea welcome drink (which was delicious). We filled out our paperwork and got the key to our room.

The 2:00 Room at Inn A Day

The first thing that we noticed when we opened the door to our room was the view. There were floor to ceiling windows that framed Wat Arun perfectly.

Inn a Day Bangkok Wat Arun View

The room’s comfortable queen size bed was a welcome treat after our homestay in Sapa, Vietnam where we slept on a mattress on the floor. We also had a small balcony and a contemporary bathroom. The toilet and shower were in a transparent green plexiglass box. I was a little perplexed at first since there was no privacy for the toilet or shower, but then realized that there were floor to ceiling curtains that could be closed for more privacy when needed.

  • Inn a Day Bangkok Room & View
  • Inn a Day Bangkok Bathroom
  • Inn a Day Bangkok Desk TV Fridge & Safe
  • Inn a Day Bangkok Common Area Snacks

I liked that the hotel was a little out of the ordinary with a unique design aesthetic. There are no room numbers, just clocks without batteries calling out the time of the day which is their room number.

Inn a Day Bangkok 2 oclock Room Door

I feel like most hotels kind of blur together but I will always remember the design of the room that we stayed in – from the vintage hairdryer turned lamp to the bathroom design to the painted design on the concrete walls. It oozed charm and reminded us that we were supporting a small business, not a large hotel conglomerate.

Inn A Day Perks

I think one of the biggest perks at the hotel was the extremely helpful and attentive employees. We learned that there are 3 siblings running the hotel on their own. It is somewhat surprising as they are all relatively young, in their 20’s and 30’s. They all spoke English very well and one of the owners actually studied abroad in the United States so he had no accent at all.

Inn a Day Bangkok Lobby & Restaurant

Breakfast is included in the room rate. There were both Thai and western style breakfast options. Andy and I both got the Thai breakfast which was extremely fresh and really good. They have a restaurant open to the public as well. We didn’t get a chance to dine there since we were running all over town trying to sight-see as much as we could.

The best views of Wat Arun can be found from the top floor. There is an outdoor area by the most expensive top floor rooms that anyone can access. There were chairs and quite a large space up there. We were a little sad that we didn’t realize this until the morning that we were leaving since it would have been nice to have more space than our balcony when we were watching the sunset.

If you pay in cash you get a 10% discount vs. paying by credit card. Even though I know that the pricing structure was set up so you are essentially paying the 10% credit card fee, it felt good to get the “discount” by paying cash.

We were able to keep our bags at the hotel after we checked out. The staff went out of their way to secure us a metered taxi to the airport, not an easy feat to find in Thailand. We were sad to leave the hotel, especially since we had another night in Bangkok, but with a 6am flight, we wanted to stay at a hotel closer to the airport.

Final Thoughts

If we return to Bangkok I would absolutely stay at Inn A Day or at a minimum have a meal at their restaurant. We loved our time there and I honestly think that the views of Wat Arun are some of the best that you can find anywhere in the city.

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