Hulett Motel Near Devils Tower

Hulett Motel Near Devils Tower

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Andy and I invited his mom to join us for a roadtrip around the great plains. Since we were spending the day together, we figured that we would book separate rooms so everyone could have some privacy at night. Unfortunately there are not many hotels near Devils Tower National Monument that were both nice and reasonably priced.

Wanting to spend as little as possible so we could have more money for our trip around the world, I started to get creative. It was then that I stumbled upon the Hulett Motel in Hulett, Wyoming, the closest town to Devils Tower. While their individual rooms were more than we wanted to spend, they offered a 2 bedroom cabin for a very reasonable price. Figuring that we could share a bathroom and keep our privacy, we booked the hotel.

Check In

Our check in was quick and the woman was very friendly. We were given 2 sets of real keys and a 10% off coupon to dine at the Red Rock Cafe, the restaurant attached to the hotel.

Our Cabin

There were 3 things that I did not love about the cabin:

  1. There were 2 rooms with beds in them but no doors between them. I believe that this is due to the air conditioner that was built into the side of the wall, but it struck me as very odd. I understand that this is the way that they may have needed to set it up, but I believe that their website should have had some sort of information about how the room was set up.
  2. The pillows had plastic type pillowcase liners. When you moved your head, you heard a crunchy sound. I know that this is better than drool covered pillows but not something that you run into often when staying at hotels.
  3. The bathroom did not have a hairdryer in it. This seems really strange as every hotel I have ever stayed in has a hairdryer in the room. We asked the front desk and they were able to provide us with one so it was a non-issue, just a slight hassle.

Beyond that everything was great. The room was clean, the bed was comfortable and the towels were plush.

  • Hulett Motel Main Room with Queen Bed
  • Hulett Motel Second Room Queen and Twin Beds
  • Hulett Motel Bathroom
  • Hulett Motel Bathroom Shower

The Town

Hulett is a very small town of only 400 residents. Main Street runs directly through town and has 3 restaurants, 2 bars, 1 bank, 1 antique shop and 1 motel. The best part of staying at the Hulett Motel is that we could walk wherever we wanted to go.

There are only 3 restaurants in town and we ended up picking the worst one for dinner. Ponderosa Cafe didn’t have great reviews and seemed pricey for what it was, we planned to eat at the Red Rock Cafe for breakfast the next day so that left us with Hitchin Post. The prices were the lowest in town and it seemed fine so we decided to eat there. Our dinner included the worst service I have ever experienced in my life and very disappointing food. The service was comically bad, to the point where we wouldn’t have been surprised if a camera crew came out and told us we were on hidden camera. Unfortunately, that never happened. I realized why they had the best prices in town – they needed it to get customers in the door.

The next morning before we headed over to Devils Tower, we had breakfast at the Red Rock Cafe, the motel restaurant. While anything would have been better than our dinner the night before, we had great service and good food. If I were to do it all over again, I would have had both of my meals at the Red Rock Cafe.

Final Thoughts

If I were in Hulett again, I would absolutely stay at the Hulett Motel. While the cabin was not the ideal setup for us, it would work quite well for a family with small children. The location can’t be beat – not only is it only a short drive from Devils Tower but it is also right in the middle of downtown Hulett.

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