Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

Hotel Patagonia B&B – Punta Arenas, Chile

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Lately, I have been using more and Hostelworld less. This is because has had more options at better prices. After not finding much great for our stay in Punta Arenas, I turned back to Hostelworld. It was here that I found the Hotel Patagonia B&B.

Outside View of Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

The reviews were great and a double room with a private bathroom was within our budget. I confirmed that the reviews on TripAdvisor were highly rated and when they were, booked our room.

Hotel Patagonia B&B – Room 103

We were put in a room on the 1st floor near the front desk. The website showed views of the water which were surely taken from the 2nd floor. We had a mediocre view with many roofs in our way, although there was a very tiny sliver of the ocean visible. Since we were near the reception desk, we heard people talking and the beep of a cell phone at night. It was annoying, but eventually as the night got later, it stopped.

View from Room 103 at Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

The room was clean but very basic. The carpet in the room reminded me of an office building, being the short, somewhat scratchy grey carpet that you see in offices frequently. We had a small desk area I thought we would utilize when loading posts to the blog, but never ended up using. The bed was decently comfortable and had clean linens.

Desk and Closet in Room 103 at Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

Bed in Room 103 at Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

Our room had a heater in the bedroom which we controlled. It was nice to be able to turn up or down the heat as needed, especially in such a cold climate as Punta Arenas. At all times our room was warm, a huge plus was we were always freezing when we returned from the outside.


Similar to the bedroom, the bathroom also had its own heater. This was nice as it allowed us to keep the bathroom nice and warm so we weren’t cold when we got out of the shower.

Bathroom in Room 103 at Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

The shower was really good with hot water and good water pressure.

Hotel Patagonia B&B – Amenities


Breakfast was included in our room rate and included the basics – cereal, yogurt, bread, cold cuts and juice. While it wasn’t anything to write home about, it was free and because of that we couldn’t complain.

Breakfast Area at Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

The second morning we had a very early bus to Puerto Natales. Since we had to leave early, we didn’t get to take advantage of breakfast.


The wifi was decent – not fast nor slow. It allowed us to go online and search for things, but wasn’t the best for loading photos or anything else that requires a lot of bandwidth.


I knew that we weren’t in the middle of town when we booked the room, what I didn’t know is just how long a 10 minute walk seemed in the freezing cold wind of Punta Arenas. Even though it wasn’t close to town, the B&B was very close to the lookout point which gave sweeping views of the town and ocean.

Mirador Up the Hill from Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

I’m not quite sure, but I think that there might have been a halfway house or rehab building at the end of the driveway of our B&B. There were several instances where there were individuals who seemed to be drunk or high trying to get into that building.

Our favorite part about the location was the scrappy cat that we saw outside one day. We named him No-No as whenever he meowed it sounded like he was saying no. While he wasn’t around much, he was a funny cat that made us crack up.

Kitty Outside Hotel Patagonia B&B Punta Arenas Chile

Final Thoughts

The staff did not speak any English, only Spanish which surprised me for Punta Arenas being an extremely touristy area. We got along alright on our basic Spanish, but something for anyone who speaks no Spanish to consider.

While the B&B had everything that we needed, the location was the killer for me. The weather when we were there was both cold and windy. This made the relatively short walk seem very long. If I were to visit Punta Arenas, I would get a hotel in a central location.

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