Hotel Lago Azul Copacabana Bolivia

Hotel Lago Azul – Copacabana, Bolivia

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We only had a short time in Copacabana, Bolivia so we wanted to get a hotel that was right in the middle of the action. We decided to go with Hotel Lago Azul as it was right on the water, had great reviews, included breakfast, and the sea view room was within our budget.

Hotel Lago Azul – Room 120

When we were given our key I was confused as it was room 120. In most parts of the world, this would mean a first floor room but here all of the rooms were numbered in order starting with 100.

Our room was on the top (4th) floor and had sweeping views of Lake Titicaca. The view from the room was good but it was even better from the wrap around balcony outside of our room. We both enjoyed watching the sunset from, arguably, the best view in town.

Balcony for Room 120 at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

Sunset from Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

The room had recently been remodeled, was extremely clean and had nice touches such as crown molding along the ceiling. There were several rugs by the bed which were perfect so we could wipe our feet to clean off any sand before we got into bed.

Even though we booked a matrimonial room, we had both a full and twin bed in our room. We have actually come to like the extra bed as it gives us a good place to put all of our things from our bags.

Room 120 at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

The Bathroom

Like the room, the bathroom had also been recently remodeled. All of the tile work was brand new, but for some reason, the sink and toilet were still a dated pink color. Perhaps pink is still considered stylish in Bolivia?

Bathroom in Room 120 at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

Shower in Room 120 at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

We hadn’t seen a suicide shower in a while but welcomed it with open arms. I was elated when I turned on the shower to find not only extremely hot water but also good water pressure. While I showered, I lingered for a while, soaking in the hot water with good pressure knowing that it may be a while until I have another good shower.

Suicide Shower in Room 120 at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

Hotel Lago Azul – Amenities


Getting breakfast included in our room is something that we always look for. Even when the food isn’t great, it keeps us within budget and saves us the effort of having to go out to find a place to eat.

Dining Area at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

Our breakfast at Hotel Lago Azul was pretty good. We had scrambled eggs, toast with jam, juice, tea and fruit. It is the standard breakfast fare that we have been getting all over South America, but it is filling so we can’t complain.


I had read a lot online about how terrible the internet in Bolivia is. We were fully braced to barely be able to check our email but were pleasantly surprised when the internet was not only an average speed (for South American standards), but it also worked in our room, something that doesn’t happen often.

Flat Screen TV

There was a nice TV in our room and I was curious to see if there would be anything to watch in English. As is standard in South America, my only option was to watch the news. I’ll keep trying though, eventually I’ll find a TV where I can watch one of my shows from home.

Common Areas

There were a couple different common areas as Hotel Lago Azul that were on the main floor next to reception. There was a sitting area with nice leather couches to relax on and in right next to it there was a sun room with views of Lake Titicaca. After we checked out, we sat down on the couches for a little while before we had to leave to grab lunch and get our bus to La Paz.

Sitting Area at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

Sun Room at Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia


The location could not have been better. We were right off the water and only a block from the main drag through down. The town itself is very small so it is hard to have a bad location. You can walk from just about anywhere in town to another location in 15 minutes or less.

Street View of Hotel Lago Azul in Copacabana Bolivia

The biggest factor in your speed getting around town is how much the altitude of 12,507 feet impacts your walking speed, especially when you include all of the hills around the city. We had come from Puno which also had a high altitude but struggled every once in a while with the large hills around town.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t really do much around town and didn’t get a chance to visit Isla del Sol, the island that most tourists visit and stay the night. Our time was mostly spent relaxing which felt great. Even though long term travel seems like it would be relaxing, it can be exhausting at times as well. By the time we hit Copacabana we had been traveling at a breakneck pace, spending only 1 night in a city for 6 nights in a row. Even though we only had 1 night in Copacabana, I was happy to have some time to just sit back, relax and do very little.

I would recommend Hotel Lago Azul to anyone who is looking for a centrally located, reasonably priced hotel in Copacabana. The room was recently remodeled, clean and had great views of Lake Titicaca.

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