Hotel Colonial Salta Argentina

Hotel Colonial – Salta, Argentina

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There were a few things that we wanted to see in Salta, so we made a journey to go check it out. In hindsight, we should have done a little more research as the places we wanted to see were in the state of Salta, not the city of Salta. Lesson learned, we’re going to research more thoroughly in the future.

I did some searching to find hotels in Salta and found a deal for Hotel Colonial through This is a vintage hotel which has been around since 1943. I loved the idea of staying in a historic hotel with all of the vintage charm. While I would have loved to book one of the rooms with balconies overlooking the park, they were over our budget.

The reviews were mostly all good with people raving about the central location. The only complaints that people had were that the rooms were small which I think is expected with a vintage hotel.

Hotel Colonial – Room 303

We checked in then took the very small, vintage elevator up to the 3rd floor to our room. After reading reviews about room size I was expecting a closet size room but was surprised that the room was pretty spacious for today’s standards and was very large when you account that the hotel was built in the 1930s.

Bed in Room 303 at Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

We had a very comfortable queen size bed which was really nice since typically hotels only have full size beds. There was also a large armoire which was perfect for us to store our gear and keep everything off the floor.

Armoire in Room 303 at Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

When we stuck our head out the window, we were able to see the church. Even though it wasn’t a direct view, it was nice to have any sort of view.


When we first opened the bathroom I wondered where the shower was, but realized that it was tucked in the nook behind the door. The bathroom was small but functional and typical of Argentina, even in the tight space, there was a bidet.

Bathroom in Room 303 at Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

Shower in Room 303 at Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

I could tell that the hotel had tried to update the bathrooms on the budget. There was white paint over the tiles. In a few places the paint had worn off exposing parts of the blue tile below. It wasn’t a big deal at all, I’m glad that they made the effort to update the bathroom at all, knowing that a complete gut would cost a large amount of money.

Hotel Colonial – Amenities

Turndown Service

Since the hotel was a higher end hotel, they turned down our room every day when we were out.

Each day when we returned, we found that our bed was made, towels were straightened up and we had a sweet treat left for us. Andy’s favorite part was the sweet treats, especially since I gave him my treat as well.

Accommodating Staff

The staff at the front desk did everything that they could to make our stay as great as it could be.

We still had a bottle of wine from one of the wineries that we visited in Mendoza. We decided that we would drink it one evening in our room. When Andy went down to ask if they could open the bottle and give us 2 glasses, the front desk agent told him that he would open it and bring it up to the room. This is a level of service that we’re not used to in our budget accommodations.


The first day of our stay we went to Humahuaca to see Serranias del Hornocal. Since we wanted as much time there as possible, we caught a 7am bus which didn’t allow us time to have breakfast before we left.

Dining Room at Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

The second day of our stay we were able to enjoy the breakfast. It made us sad that we weren’t able to eat it the first day since it was much better than breakfasts that we have had in a long time. There were a number of baked goods, toast with jam and butter, fruit, cereal and juices.

Air Conditioning

Salta can get quite warm but we had an air conditioning unit in our room. It was older, but it worked well.


The wifi worked in our room and the speed was decent. The only disappointing thing was that we were not able to upload pictures to our google drive at night since the only power plug in the room was out of wifi range.


The location could not have been more perfect. The hotel is located right on the main square which is where all of the attractions were.

Street View of Hotel Colonial in Salta Argentina

We were a 15 minute walk to the bus station which we walked the first time, but for our subsequent trips splurged 30 pesos or $2 to take the short taxi ride.

Final Thoughts

It was really nice to have some luxury sprinkled in our trip. After we added in the excessively high 21% hotel tax in Argentina, we were slightly over budget. We weren’t that upset that we were over budget though since the service was great and we had a good breakfast.

I’m not sure that I am going to return to Salta, but I would recommend anyone visiting to stay at the Hotel Colonial.

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