Hosteria Divina Presencia Cafayate Argentina

Hosteria Divina Presencia – Cafayate, Argentina

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Since we had so much fun in Mendoza visiting wineries, we decided to head to Cafayate, another wine region in Argentina.

I started looking for rooms and was not surprised when a number of them were expensive. It is a touristy area and we were looking to book over New Year’s Eve. Forturnately, I found a deal through for Hosteria Divina Presencia. It was prepaid which was nice since we didn’t have to worry about getting local currency to pay the bill.

When we were checking in we realized that the owners didn’t speak English. This wasn’t a big deal for us on the basic information but it got more complicated when we had questions that we couldn’t communicate in Spanish. Fortunately their son spoke English which was a big help for us.

Divina Presencia – Room 7

Our room was located on the 2nd floor. It was small but clean and had everything that we needed. We had a full size bed which was decently comfortable.

Bed in Room 7 at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

The room had an armoire in the nook of the room. I was going to put our stuff in it but when I went to open the door, the light weight of the wood almost pulled the armoire onto me. I decided that I didn’t want any incidents and we put all of our packing cubes and bags on the floor next to the armoire. Imagine our surprise when we came back to the room later that day and found all of our stuff in the armoire. I found it strange that they touched all of our stuff, but realize that they just did it to make the room easier to clean.

Armoire in Room 7 at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Our favorite part of the room was that the windows had screens. We haven’t seen screens on windows in months and were very happy to be able to sleep with the windows open without fear of bugs coming into our room.


The bathroom was small but had everything that we needed. Surprisingly there was not a bidet in the bathroom. There was however a contraption hooked up to the toilet which I believe is another form of a bidet. It looked complicated so we didn’t even attempt to try it.

Bathroom in Room 7 at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

We had our first mediocre shower that we have had in a long time. While the water got warm, it never really got hot. In addition, we didn’t have great water pressure.

Shower in Room 7 at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Whenever our room was cleaned, they threw away the open bar of soap that we had by the sink, leaving a new bar on the bed. It became a joke for us, asking “where is the soap” whenever we returned back to our room to find another soap missing.

Divina Presencia – Amenities


We were happy that breakfast was included in our room rate but laughed when we saw what it was. There was absolutely nothing except carbs – bread, breadsticks, breakfast cookies and crackers.

Breakfast at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

While it wasn’t my favorite breakfast option, I liked the breakfast cookies quite a bit. In fact, I ate more than my fair share a few times which didn’t make Andy too happy.

Outdoor Area

Outside of our room there was a really nice garden area with lots of flowers and places to sit and relax. We enjoyed our breakfast in the garden every morning.

Garden at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Ourdoor Dining and Grill at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Right outside of our room was a small table and chair. We ended up sitting there on New Year’s Eve when we were drinking our sparkling wine. It would have been hot to sit there in the day when there wasn’t shade, but in the evening, the temperature dropped and it was perfect.

Catwalk to Our Room at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina


When we first arrived we saw a router box along with a router on the desk. Our minds went to the worst possible place, thinking that we wouldn’t have internet during our stay. Fortunately, they were just updating the wifi system and we had internet during our stay.

There was no issue with the wifi working in our room besides dropping the connection on occasion but the speed was decent which made us happy.

Air Conditioning

Even though it was hot in Cafayate, we never needed to turn on the AC. Our room had vaulted ceilings, a powerful ceiling fan and concrete construction which all helped keep the room cool.

AC and TV in Room 7 at Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Good Owners

While it was sometimes difficult to communicate with the owners since they didn’t speak English, you could tell that they wanted to do whatever they could to make our stay as nice as possible.

They gave us our breakfast to go when we had an early tour. They also kept our white and sparkling wine in the fridge so it was nice and cold when we wanted to enjoy it. In addition, on New Year’s Eve, we were given a bottle of beer that the son had brewed free of charge.


Since Cafayate is so small, it is hard to have a bad location. We were a 5 minute walk to town and a short 2 minute walk to a couple of the wineries. Being outside of the city center was perfect for us since the area was nice and quiet, making it possible to sleep with the windows open.

Street View of Hosteria Divina Presencia in Cafayate Argentina

Final Thoughts

We had a great time in Cafayate staying at Hosteria Divina Presencia. For the money that we paid, it was an outstanding value. The owners were amazing and really cared about their guests.

The only thing that I really think needed to be improved was the breakfast. We have come to learn that extremely carb heavy breakfasts are standard in Argentina but was hoping that maybe we would have eggs or some sort of protein.

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