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We only ended up spending one day in Hanoi, but we did try to see as much as we could in that one day. Most of our time was spent wandering around the Old Quarter, where our hotel, Splendid Star Suite Hotel, was located. We decided to only spend one day because we were catching at night train to Sapa, where we were meeting Pham to do a homestay after trekking into the Vietnam countryside.

  • Hanoi Vietnam Night Market
  • Honeymoon Room Decorations at Splendid Star Suite Hotel
  • Splendid Star Suite Hotel Balcony View
  • St Joseph's Cathedral in Hanoi Vietnam
  • Lynn Holding a Wooden Carrying Pole with Fruit
  • Bird Cage with Song Birds Hanging in the Streets of Hanoi
  • Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi Vietnam
  • Ga Ha Noi Train Station in Hanoi Vietnam
  • Scooter Parking in Hanoi Vietnam
  • Man With Boxes on a Scooter in Hanoi
  • Family of Four Riding a Scooter in Hanoi
  • Man with a Small Toddler on a Scooter in Hanoi
  • Beers at Legends Bar in Hanoi
  • View of Intersection from Legends Beer in Hanoi
  • Woman Crossing the Intersection with a Cart in Hanoi
  • People on Tiny Stools on the Sidewalks of Hanoi
  • Having Some Drinks with The Locals in Hanoi
  • Splendid Star Suite Hotel Breakfast
  • Turtle Tower at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi
  • The Huc Bridge at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

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