La Piedra del Penon from a Distance

Guatape Colombia Photos

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Guatape, Colombia was not something that we had planned, but a short 2 hour bus ride from Medellin seemed like nothing compared to our longer bus rides. We were glad we made the trip and decided to spend 3 days in Guatape to enjoy the small town and visit some of the sights nearby. One of the highlights of our 3 days was a visit to La Piedra del Penon, a large granite rock that you can climb to the top for 360 views of the surrounding lake and small hills. We spent quite a bit of time at the top enjoying the views on a beautiful afternoon. The town of Guatape is filled with little shops, restaurants and many colorful buildings. It was a nice little town to walk around, but also very busy because of the Colombian holiday weekend.

La Piedra del Penon from a Distance

Stairs of La Piedra from the Bottom

At the Top of La Piedra in Guatape

Panoramic View from La Piedra del Penon

With Friends at the Top of La Piedra

Busy Part of the Lake in Guatape

On a Boat in Guatape

Colorful Apartment Buildings in Guatape

3D Building Art in Guatape

Colorful Building in Guatape

Beautiful Church in Guatape

Colorful Steps with Friends in Guatape




Andy by a Fancy Tuk Tuk in Guatape


Andy Eating Ice Cream in Guatape

Soccer Field and Game in Guatape

Shared Jeep in Guatape

Back of Shared Jeep in Guatape

In the Back of Shared Jeep in Guatape

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Outside

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Painted Wall Map

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Living Area

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Kitchen

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Library & Games

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Private Room Bed

Mi Casa Guatape Hoste Private Bathroom

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Private Bathroom Shower

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Back Balcony

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Front Balcony Hammock

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Lake View

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel Dog

Hotel Los Recuerdos with La Piedra

Hotel Los Recuerdos Dining Area

Hotel Los Recuerdos Beds

Hotel Los Recuerdos Couch & Second Bed

Hotel Los Recuerdos Hutch & TV

Hotel Los Recuerdos Bathroom

Hotel Los Recuerdos Bathroom Shower

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