Welcome to the Island of Flores Sign

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In order to get to our second destination on our trip around the world we had to take a bus from Belize City, Belize to Flores, Guatemala. The bus ride was 4.5 hours long and look us across the border into Guatemala where we had to get off our bus, walk through immigration and customs, and then get back on our bus on the other side. It was a lot easier than we thought it would be and just a couple hours later we were in Flores, where we would be spending the next 6 days.

During our 6 days in Flores we didn’t have a lot to do, but we did different things to pass the time. You’ll see from our photos that we took a trip to Tikal National Park for a day to see the Mayan ruins as well as quite a few different animals. We also spent quite a bit of time walking around the island of Flores to take pictures and enjoy the colorful buildings and narrow streets. The highlight of our trip was our time spent at Jorge’s house with his family, where we ate dinner and had fun jumping and swinging into the lake off the small cliffs by his house.

Welcome to the Island of Flores Sign

Island of Flores from Lake Peten Itza

Colorful Street in Flores with Tuk Tuk

Colorful Building in Flores with Laundry Drying

Buildings on the Hill in Flores with Metal Sheets

Flooded Street in Flores Guatemala

Tuk Tuk Driving by in Flores Guatemala

Boats Offering Rides on the Lake in Flores

Teal Building with Church in Background in Flores

Standing by Blue Doors Near the Church in Flores

Sitting by a Teal Building in Flores Guatemala

Narrow Street with Bicycles in Flores Guatemala

Entrance to a Restaurant in Flores Guatemala

Heavy Rains in the Street in Flores

Lynn with the Tuk Tuks in Flores Guatemala

Guatever T-shirt at a Shop in Flores

Happy Hour Prices at a Bar in Flores Guatemala

Lynn Enjoying Her Gallo Beer in Flores

Sunset in Flores Guatemala

Pretty Salad for Lunch in Flores Guatemala

Woman Carrying Fruit on Her Head in Flores Guatemala

Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast in Flores

Birds on the Wires in Flores Guatemala at Night

Jorge's Rope Swing Sign in Flores

Sitting Area at Jorge's Rope Swing

Lynn Jumping off the Diving Board at Jorge's

Andy on the Rope Swing at Jorge's

BBQ Chicken Dinner with Veggies at Jorge's

Temple 2 in the Grand Plaza at Tikal

Stairs of Acropolis Central in the Grand Plaza at Tikal

Jumping in Front of Temple 1 at Tikal

Jumping in Front of Temple 5 in Tikal

Enjoying the Temples in Tikal National Park

View from the Top of Temple 4 in Tikal

Standing Off to the Side of Temple 1 at the Grand Plaza in Tikal

Occelated Turkey in Tikal National Park

Spider Monkey Chilling in a Tree in Tikal

Leaf Cutter Ants in Tikal National Park

Gray Fox Running in Tikal National Park

Howler Monkey in a Tree at Tikal National Park

Agouti Rodent in Tikal National Park

Hospedaje Yaxha Outside and Entrance

Hospedaje Yaxha Bedroom

Hospedaje Yaxha Bathroom

Hospedaje Yaxha Portable Fan and Desk

Hospedaje Yaxha Guest Common Area

Lynn in the Hammock in the Common Area

FDN Bus from Belize City to Flores Guatemala

Bus to Guatemala Seats and Overhead Storage

Selfie on the Bus to Guatemala

Bus to Guatemala Border Crossing Fees

Bus to Guatemala Border Crossing

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