Flight of the Gibbon Zipline Siem Reap

Flight of the Gibbon Zipline – Siem Reap

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When looking for things to do in Siem Reap on our honeymoon, I stumbled upon the Flight of the Gibbon Angkor Wat, which looked awesome! It included 10 ziplines, 4 hanging bridges and a rappel, even better, it could be partnered with an ATV ride for an adventure packed day.

Booking our Zipline and ATV Adventure

Since I wanted to make sure that we got our tours on the books, I reserved our spots months before we arrived. The rep that I was working with at Flight at the Gibbon was great and answered all questions that I had. She let me know that I needed to have a Angkor park pass in order to zipline with them as the course is within the Angkor park area.

I was hoping that I would be able to pay for our tour with my credit card since it was a decent amount of money and I wanted to earn points, but like most of Cambodia, credit cards are not widely accepted so we paid cash when we arrived.

Getting to Flight of the Gibbon and Gearing Up

We got picked up from our hotel, The MotherHome Inn by a van, stopping along the way to pick up other people who would be ziplining with us. The driver made sure that everyone had their park passes and we were off to the Flight of the Gibbon.

Once we arrived, we filled out the standard paperwork that is required when you do any sort of adventure activity. After waiving Flight of the Gibbon from any liability should anything happen to us, we headed over to the gear and were fitted with the harness and helmets.

Flight of the Gibbon Angkor Gearing Up

Before we went to the actual zipline course, each person ziplined down a very short, low zipline. This allowed everyone to become aware of the gear and increase their comfort level before we headed to the longer, higher ziplines.

Safety is the #1 priority for the Flight of the Gibbon which I completely appreciated and made both Andy and I feel safer. Actually, it was probably Andy that felt better, I sometimes throw caution to the wind more easily than I should.

Animals and Nature on the Way to the Zipline

On the way to the ziplines, our guides gave us information about the different plants that we were passing and also attempted to lure a tarantula from their burrow so we could see it.

We also got to see the resident gibbons. One of the goals of the Flight of the Gibbon is to reintroduce gibbons into the wild. While the gibbons that are living there arrived as babies and have since had a baby of their own, they are not held in cages or fed by the staff. The ultimate goal is for the gibbons to leave and live in the wild.

Flight of the Gibbon Zipline

Once we got up to the platform, which was at the tree level, we relaxed and took in the beauty of the Angkor park. The platforms were integrated into the environment to be as seamless as possible, leaving nature as the star.

Our guides, Sophal and Hul were amazing. They have that ability that only some people have which is to get people to break out of their comfort zone and be completely relaxed. When it was their turn to zipline they were doing fun poses like pretend sleeping and encouraged all of us to act a little goofy and have fun as well.

Andy and I were decked out with all of our camera equipment – our SLR and 2 GoPro cameras, one on Andy’s helmet and the other hand held. The people on our tour kind of laughed that we had so much electronic equipment out but we knew that we really wanted to capture the fun that we had. Our guides were great in staggering both of us so we could get great shots of each other taking off and landing.

Sadly, I dropped the lens cap when we were crossing one of the bridges. I thought it was good as gone but the staff sent someone on the ground who found the cap for us without too much effort.

My favorite zipline was the appropriately named honeymoon zipline. There were 2 lines next to each other and we were hooked up together, zipping the entire line together.

Flight of the Gibbon Honeymoon Zipline

Lunch and Ride to Quad Adventures

After we finished up ziplining, our group was dropped off at a Cambodian restaurant. The meal was part of our tour, leaving us to pay only for our drinks. The best part of the meal was that everything was served family style. We were all able to sample a little bit of the different dishes. Since our group had all spent our morning together, the conversation easily flowed with everyone.

Since we were the only ones that were continuing on to the ATV ride, we had to bid everyone adeu when our tuk tuk arrived. We then were off to our second adventure of the day, ATV riding in the Cambodian countryside.

Final Thoughts

Our adventure day of ziplining and ATV riding was one of Andy’s highlights of our 3 week honeymoon around Southeast Asia. He actually toyed with the idea of adding the Chiang Mai Flight of the Gibbon to our itinerary later on our vacation.

Even though by Cambodian standards the tour is extremely expensive (our tour including the ATV ride was 5x more expensive than our hotel room), it was a reasonable price when you put things into an American perspective.

The crew was great and took the experience from good to excellent. I highly recommend splurging a little on your Cambodian vacation to enjoy the Flight of the Gibbon Angkor.

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