Excellent Guest House Bellville South Africa

Excellent Guest House – Bellville, South Africa

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Since we booked our flight from South Africa to Kenya with airline miles, we didn’t have a lot of options with our timing. This meant that our flight out of Cape Town left at 6:20am. Since that required us getting to the airport extremely early, we wanted to be close to the airport.

I did some research on hotels close to the airport within our budget and came across the Excellent Guest House. The reviews were good, the location was near the airport and the price was within budget so we made a reservation.

Getting to the Guest House

I had seen that the Excellent Guest House was not too far from the Bellville train station. After doing a lot of digging online, I found information about how to get from Cape Town to Bellville on the train. While it would have been much cheaper to take public transit, the trains looked very old and we were not sure of the safety. Since we would have all of our gear with us we decided to err on the side of caution and take an Uber to the guest house.

Our Uber ride was eventful as we got a blown out tire on the highway. Luckily the driver had complete control over the car, getting us over to the median without any problems. After a quick tire change, we were back on the road and arrived at the guest house shortly after.

Uber Flat Tire from Cape Town to Bellville South Africa

Room #1 at Excellent Guest House

Our room was located in the corner of the complex. This worked out well for us since it was not close to other rooms which was very quiet.

Door to Room 1 at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

The room itself was spotless and well decorated. Our bed was extremely comfortable and we both agreed that we wished we were able to sleep in it longer.

Bed in Room 1 at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

Desk and TV in Room 1 at Excellent Guest House in South Africa


The bathroom, like the rest of our room was very clean. Our shower had adequate hot water which is extremely important when you have to wake up early to catch an early flight.

Bathroom in Room 1 at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

Shower in Room 1 at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

Excellent Guest House Amenities

Shuttle Van to Airport

One of the reasons that I booked the hotel was because there was a shuttle to the airport. I did not dig deep enough though as I learned that the shuttle cost $15. This is the same price or possibly even more expensive than taking an Uber. Even though it was expensive, our driver was friendly, a safe driver and on-time so it worked out for us.


When I read guest reviews about the property, I learned that the guest house offered home cooked dinners. Since I love fresh, home cooked food, I inquired about the cost. I was told that it was 120R or $7.50 per person.

When we arrived at the guest house, I asked about dinner. I was told that it needed to be booked 24 hours in advance so we had missed our window. I was extremely upset as I had emailed the property the day before to ask if they accepted credit card and brought up the dinner. The woman I was in contact with did not tell me about the need to reserve my meal in advance.

I was pretty upset as my options were to order in dinner or walk 15 minutes down the road to a restaurant. Neither option sounded good after I had a home cooked dinner in my mind. Luckily, Andy went to the front desk and sorted things out for us. He told me that the woman at the front desk was very apologetic and found a way to get us our meals. We were appreciative that she was able to make it happen.

The dinner was as good as I thought it would be and was a huge plate of food. We had braised beef, chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, green beans with balsamic vinegar and a glass of juice.

Dinner at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

On-Site Bar

A very nice touch to the guest house was the full bar. We had a bottle of wine from our time in South African wine country that we wanted to drink before we left so we didn’t order any drinks. The prices looked very reasonable and there was a vast selection of drinks to choose from.

Air Conditioning

I was happy to see that there was air conditioning in our room. The other 2 places that we stayed in Cape Town did not have air which made it a little more difficult to sleep. Here we were able to set our room to the perfect temperature to get a good night of sleep.


There were 2 hotels on the property – a large pool and a smaller pool near our room. It was pretty warm when we arrived at the guest house and we considered taking a dip, but we decided against it since it was just a smidge too cool outside to get into the water which was a little cold.

Pool at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

Common Outdoor Areas

There were a number of very nice common outdoor areas. These were nice, inviting places to sit and relax. To get out of our room, I spent a little bit of time at one of the outdoor tables which had a view of the beautiful gardens. There was also a large outdoor chess set which is something we saw at the waterfront in Cape Town as well.

Large Chess Board at Excellent Guest House in South Africa

Fast WiFi

Whenever we can get wifi which is fast we get super excited. The speed was fast enough to not only upload a lot of photos to our Google drive, but also stream TV as well. It felt great to have a glass of wine and watch The Bachelor on the computer. It wasn’t the same as watching with friends, but it was nice to have some American TV on our trip.

Lynn Watching The Bachelor at Excellent Guest House in South Africa


The guest house isn’t particularly close to anything which makes it a great choice for anyone who has a car. If you don’t have a car you’re pretty much stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The airport was a 10 minute drive which made getting to the airport quick and painless.

Final Thoughts

In hindsight, it would have actually been cheaper to stay in downtown Cape Town, getting an Uber to the airport in the morning. We ended up paying for transportation from Cape Town to Bellville and Bellville to the airport which ended up costing us 2x as much as going from the city to the airport directly.

The room was very clean, the dinner was delicious and the staff was very friendly. I didn’t like how isolated the guest house was, but if I had a vehicle and needed to be near the airport it would be the perfect place to stay.

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