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Earn Airline Miles for Reviewing Hotels

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**Update 1/9/16 – American Airlines is no longer a participating partner. You can still earn miles through Lufthansa, AirBerlin & Etihad Airlines.**

Did you know that you can earn American Airlines miles just for reviewing hotels that you stay at? Holiday Check allows you to review up to 10 hotels per month and awards you 70 American Airlines miles per review. That is a total of 700 American Airlines miles for free every month!

There are also partnerships with Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Etihad. Since I don’t fly those airlines, it isn’t worth collecting them even though they offer more miles per review. Airberlin and Etihad offer 150 miles per review and Lufthansa offers 100 miles.

The Process of Submitting a Review

To start a review, you select the hotel and include some demographic information. The questions include: when you went, how long you stayed, how many people were with you, if there were children and the type of holiday. This allows people reading the reviews to filter accordingly as a couple could have a much different view of a hotel than a family.

There are 25 questions that you can rate on a scale of 1-6 as well as a written description of at least 160 characters. Not all questions are appropriate to all hotels, so you can select don’t rate instead of assigning a rating as needed.

I have done both basic and detailed listings, but prefer to do basic listings. I earn the same number of American Airlines points and it takes only a fraction of the time. From start to finish, I would say that a complete basic review takes only 5 minutes to complete.

You can submit reviews for hotels that are already in the Holiday Check system, as well as add a new hotel if it isn’t already listed in their system.

Holiday Check Quality Control

In order to ensure that reviewers aren’t reviewing places that they haven’t stayed at, just for the sake of earning airline miles, occasionally you will need to produce a receipt for your hotel stay. This is emailed and only used for verification purposes. In my experience, I have been asked once a month to submit a receipt for 1 hotel, usually the more recent stays which have a higher likelihood that you would still have your receipt available.

You are only able to submit reviews for hotels that you have stayed in during the last 2 years. This ensures that if something went uphill or downhill since your stay, that the reviews are accurate and reflect that.

Posting of American Airlines Miles

Your American Airlines miles will show up in your AA account the beginning of the month following your review. Each review will show up as its own line item and will have the description of Points.com.

Everything that I have reviewed has posted without any issues. I believe that if there was an error, that the team would easily be able to remedy the situation as they are very helpful and responsive.

Final Thoughts

The first few months were really easy as I was able to submit the full 10 hotels per month. Since I have been submitting all hotels that I have stayed at in the last 2 years, I am running dry and only able to add hotels as I stay in them now.

I think that this is an easy way for Holiday Check to get content for next to nothing. I believe that Holiday Check purchased a number of American Airlines miles extremely cheap and entice people like myself to spend their time building content in exchange.

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