Departamentos Plazaola Santiago Chile

Departamentos Plazaola – Santiago, Chile

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I was having a hard time finding a hostel in Santiago. It was then that I realized for the same price that I typically pay for a private room I could book an entire apartment in Santiago. I was excited to have a space that was more private than a hostel and booked it.

My biggest concern was how we would get our keys as it is not a traditional hotel with a front desk. This ended up being a non-issue. We just told the building when we would arrive and someone was there to let us into the apartment.

Our Apartment

While the apartment wasn’t huge, it was much bigger than the typical rooms that we book. In addition to a bedroom and bathroom, we also had a kitchen, living room and balcony.

Balcony at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

View of Courtyard from the Balcony of Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

For some reason we didn’t spend much time on the couch. I suppose we have just gotten used to working on our computers and relaxing together on a bed instead of proper furniture as that is all that we typically have in our accommodations.

Living Room at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

The bed was very comfortable and we both slept really well. It is normal for me to sleep well, but it’s more a challenge for Andy so I was happy that he finally got a good night of sleep.

Bedroom at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

The Bathroom

During our trip we have become accustomed to bathrooms that are basic and functional over stylish. This bathroom was brand new and modern. It felt good to have a bathroom that not only felt truly clean but was also a style that I would choose myself.

Bathroom at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

Shower at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

There was always hot water and the water pressure was great. Seemingly all of my showers that I took when we were there were longer than normal since I had a hard time getting out of such a nice shower.

The Kitchen

Most hostel kitchens are a little dirty and don’t have the nicest items to use. This kitchen while small, had everything that we needed and was immaculately clean.

Kitchen at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

Since we had full use of a kitchen for the first time in months, we went a little crazy. There was a grocery store nearby that we visited and loaded up on food. Andy even found a cookie bar mix which I encouraged him to buy. When the cookie bars were done, we both were happy. It was comforting to have a taste of home since many of the desserts that we have had in South America aren’t quite what we prefer when it comes to sweets.

Andy Making Cookie Bars at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

For dinner the one night we made tacos and using the first ground turkey we’ve seen on our trip. While eating dinner we sat and watched The Walking Dead, one of our favorite TVs shows from back home.

Eating Dinner and Watching TV at Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile



The wifi was really fast which allowed us to completely catch up on uploading all of our photos and videos to our google drive. When we arrived in Valparaiso we had not loaded any videos since Quito which was around a month of footage.

We wanted to catch up on our uploads but just had not had good enough wifi to load all of the videos that we needed to load. Having everything completely uploaded to our drive was a real satisfaction for me. I had been worried about something happening to our external hard drive and having all of our memories erased. We now have everything fully backed up on our cloud.


The building had a doorman which was really nice. It made me feel good that random people wouldn’t be able to walk into the building and get access to our apartment.

Since we had to check out at noon and didn’t have a bus to Pucon until the evening, we spoke with the doorman in our broken Spanish. Eventually he figured out that we wanted to keep our luggage in the lobby until the evening and agreed. As we ran around the city, we were very confident that our bags were safe and sound in the lobby.

Laundry Room

Even though most people would love having their laundry done for them, we hate it. There have been some socks that have gone missing and shirts that have gotten ruined, something that is less likely to happen when we’re in charge of our own laundry.

When we arrived in Santiago, we saw that there was a laundry room where we could do our own laundry. This is a rare sight for us and we were beyond bummed out that we just washed everything 2 days before. I’m not sure how much it cost to do a load of laundry but I have to imagine that it is cheaper than getting it sent out.

Exercise Room

As much as I would lie and say we worked out in the exercise room, we did not. The small fitness room had a treadmill, weight bench and bike in it. I never saw anyone in there, so if we were to use it, we would likely have the whole place to ourselves.


In the garbage chute room, there was a place to put recyclables. I was excited that I could finally recycle again. We made good use out of this, recycling everything from used water bottles to wine bottles and our cereal box.


We were not in the touristy city center, rather a small neighborhood a very short subway ride from the main attractions. The subway ran very frequently and was cheap costing us only 650 pesos or 93 cents per ride.

Street View of Departamento Plazaola in Santiago Chile

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in a neighborhood which made us feel like we lived in the city.

Final Thoughts

Even though we like meeting people when we are at hostels, we really liked having our own private apartment. In fact, we liked it so much we are planning on getting an apartment over Christmas so we can cook a nice meal and have some privacy.

If we were to return to Santiago again, I would book the same apartment again in a heartbeat. The value, when you think of everything that you get, is unbelievable. We had nice furnishings, a complete kitchen and the security of a doorman. I honestly can’t think of anything else that we would want or need during our stay here.

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