Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden & Glass

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Before we went to Seattle, I asked a friend of mine whose family lives out there, what I needed to see and do when I was there. The first thing that she mentioned was Chihuly Garden and Glass. Although Andy and I aren’t that into art or museums, the fact that it was her first recommendation and the #1 attraction in Seattle on Trip Advisor gave us the drive to check it out.

There was quite a line at the ticket counter when we arrived, we were able to bypass the line by using the automated kiosk outside the main doors. In hindsight had I realized if we purchased our tickets in advance we each would have have saved $2, I would have gone that direction.

Once inside, we saw some very large installation pieces, followed by smaller, extremely detailed pieces. It is crazy that Chihuly was able to create all of these pieces with glass as it is a very hard material to work with. After we visited Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle, we took a glass blowing class in Chicago and learned just how hard it is to make something perfectly symmetrical. As part of the tour, we watched a video about Chilhuly, the artist that created all of the art. His eye, literally he only has one eye, for art is amazing. He is able to craft large scale pieces that just look right without looking “too perfect”.

We were pretty excited that during our visit, there were professional photographers that offered to take our pictures for free. Once the picture was snapped, we received a card with a unique number on it which pulled up the picture on a kiosk where we were able to email the file to ourselves. The best part, besides getting a free souvenir, was that the photographers knew how to correctly light both the glass and the people. It also saved us from having to ask a stranger to take pictures of us. No matter where we travel, it seems incredibly hard to get someone who can use our camera properly.

Once we finished up in the indoor area, we walked outside and enjoyed the outdoor art in the garden. There is a great view of the Space Needle from there and although we had some rain, it was more of a Seattle mist than actual rain.

When we were leaving, they asked us if we were going to return. We weren’t sure and got our hand stamped just in case. In the evening, we decided we would go back and quickly check it out. It was crazy how different some of the pieces looked in the daytime vs. the evening light.

I would highly recommend checking out Chihuly Garden and Glass. As someone who is not into museums or art, it still amazed me. The museum itself is not very large, but you could easily spend a few hours there just enjoying the artistry of the installations.

Photos from Chihuly Garden and Glass

  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Main Exhibit
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Ceiling Glass
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Main Exhibit Back
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass - Under the Sea
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass - Boats with Glass
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Orange Chandelier
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass - Blue Chandelier
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Outdoor Prickly Bush
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass - Large Shells
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Flower Installation
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass Ferns with Purple Glass Tubes
  • Chihuly Garden & Glass - Large Round Glass Tree
  • Space Needle from Chihuly Garden & Glass

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