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Cannon Beach Oregon

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After exploring Astoria, we drove 40 minutes down to Cannon Beach. We wanted to check out Haystack Rock and The Needles, which were in the final scene of The Goonies. Haystack Rock and The Needles are three large rock formations that jut out of the water and stand tall just off the coast of Oregon at Cannon Beach.

Parking along Cannon Beach was a little challenging to find as many of the streets close to the beach were all private parking only. We eventually found a spot to park and walked down the beach to the Haystack Rocks. As we were walking, we noticed how beautiful so many of the homes along the beach were. We did a quick search on Trulia and discovered that many of the homes on the beach were well over a million dollars, the price you pay for a premium beachfront property I guess. I personally would pay significantly less to get a home in Astoria with a view of the Columbia River.

We arrived before sunset so we could get our GoPro setup to do a timelapse of the sunset. We were not alone in our desire to catch the sun set behind the Haystack Rocks as there were quite a few other people on the beach with their cameras. There was a mix of amateur photographers with their point and click cameras as well as serious photographers with tripods and camera lenses that appeared to be in the thousands of dollars.

The only frustrating thing about taking the sunset pictures was a group of teenagers that kept running and riding a board on the surf right along the beach immediately in front of the Haystack Rocks. They would have to be completely oblivious to not realize that they were getting in the way of everyone’s shots as they were doing it but didn’t seem to care too much. Obviously, everyone has a right to the beach, but it seemed like they were doing it right in front of the photographers on purpose. Especially since the rest of the beach was almost completely empty.

Even though it was a little chilly and there was a strong breeze which made it difficult getting a picture of us where my hair didn’t look crazy, it was great to watch a beautiful sunset with Andy by my side. Cannon Beach is a great location along the coast to catch a beautiful sunset, especially if you can get there at the right time and find a place along the beach to relax and watch the sun drop behind Haytack Rock and The Needles.

When we return to Astoria, hopefully in the summer so we can enjoy beautiful weather, we hope to come back to Cannon Beach. I really want to be able to take a dip in the water to truly experience the beach.

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