Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

Bella Luna Hotel – Cairo, Egypt

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Similar to other parts of Egypt that were hurt by the downturned economy, it was not hard to find a place to stay in Cairo. Since we had friends meeting up with us for this part of our stay, I helped narrow down hotels that were within budget and let our friends make the final decision about where to stay. They selected the Bella Luna Hotel and we reserved our rooms through Hostelworld.

When our taxi from the train station dropped us off, we were a little confused. The hotel was located in a somewhat random area and the exterior of the building looked like a dump. As we took the elevator up to the 5th floor, we were told that was the Bella Luna Hostel. They directed us to go down to the 3rd floor where the Bella Luna Hotel was located. Fortunately, when we arrived at the hotel, everything was much cleaner than the staircase of the building.

Garbage in Elevator Bottom at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

The man who was working the front desk spoke perfect English and greeted us warmly. We had come from a night train, so I desperately wanted to take a shower. Fortunately, we were able to check into our room early.

Bella Luna Hotel – Room 301

The first thing that we noticed when we checked into our room was just how clean it was. Our bed was comfortable and the blanket on the bed was the perfect weight for the temperature of the room at night.

Beds in Room 301 at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

It wasn’t really warm in Cairo when we were there, but if it had been there was an air conditioner in the room. This is probably a very nice thing to have in the summer when it is very hot in Cairo.

Air Conditioner in Room 301 at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

We didn’t have much of a view as our room faced the interior courtyard. A “courtyard” that was not very pretty to look at… it seemed like most people threw their garbage in this area.

Dirty Courtyard at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

Our friends were given a large room with 2 balconies which faced the main street. Even though they had a nicer view, they did tell us that their room was quite a bit noisier than our room because of the street traffic.

I was a little surprised that during our 3 nights at the hotel that our room was not serviced once. It would have been nice to have the bed turned down or trash thrown away.


The setup for the bathroom was a little strange. While there were walls, there was no ceiling for the bathroom. Andy always wakes up earlier than me and showers first. With the setup of the bathroom, when he turned on the bathroom light, it flooded the entire room which woke me up. This is more of an annoyance than anything but worth noting.

Bathroom in Room 301 at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt

It took a while for the water to warm up, but there was good water pressure once it was warm. We didn’t have any issues running out of hot water which was great.

The most uncomfortable part of the bathroom was that sound travels more in a bathroom without a ceiling. This made it a little uncomfortable for both of us when we were doing our business.

Bella Luna Hotel – Amenities


Even though the breakfast was nothing to write home about it was free and filling. The breakfast included a hard boiled egg, bread, jam, cheese and tea.

Dining Area at Bella Luna Hotel in Cairo Egypt


Even though we did our laundry at our hotel in Luxor, we knew that we needed to do laundry again as the next time that we could do laundry for a reasonable price would be at our apartment in Florence.

After our experience of the per piece laundry in Luxor, we confirmed the price, which was very reasonable, before we gave them our laundry. The next day our clothes were returned to us and were all very clean.

Tour Coordination

I was not surprised when our hotel let us know that there were tours available. Since we were meeting up with my friends, we got information about pricing before we arrived so we could all discuss what we would want to do. We decided collectively that we wanted to get a driver to see the pyramids.

Once our friends arrived at the hotel, we set up a driver for the day which ended up being annoying since he set us up with a “camel to the pyramid” scam which I’ll talk about in the 2 days in Cairo article.


A lot of the hotels in Cairo are all close to each other and located right on the Nile. Our hotel was a little removed from all of the others which ended up being a good thing. Since people were not expecting tourists, we were generally left alone when we walked the streets near our hotel.

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed our stay at the Bella Luna Hotel. It was a little hard to get over how dirty the staircase in the building was, but once we were inside the hotel it was clean and had everything that we needed.

If we were to go back to Cairo, I am not sure if we would stay at the Bella Luna Hotel again. While everything was fine, I was also not blown away by anything either.

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