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ATV Riding with Quad Adventure Cambodia

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When we were deciding what to do on our honeymoon in Cambodia, we knew that we wanted to do something besides the temples. After digging, I found an excursion that partnered a zipline adventure with Flight of the Gibbon in the morning with an all terrain vehicle (ATV) ride through Quad Adventure Cambodia in the afternoon. This was perfect for us as we were able to both of these on the same day and all the logistics were figured out for us.

Check in and ATV Safety

Growing up in the country, Andy was used to riding ATVs but I was a little uneasy. The first time that I had ridden one myself was when were in Alaska a year and a half before.

The guys at the shop fitted us for helmets which was comedic to say the least. I have a very small head and the helmets were not adjustable. Fortunately, my head was so small that the kid’s Disney princess helmet fit me. Andy had better luck and actually got a helmet that had a GoPro mount on it. Unfortunately for him, that helmet was lacking padding and towards the end of the day was quite painful.

We were given surgical style masks to wear when we were biking to keep the dust off of our faces as much as possible. The workers gave us the rundown on how to use the gas and brakes then followed us around the block to make sure that we were safe enough drivers to get on the road.

ATV Ride through the Cambodian Countryside

Before we left the shop, we had the option to ride around the city or go into the Cambodian countryside. We chose the countryside because we wanted to experience the side of Cambodia that most tourists don’t get to see. Our guide hopped on his dirt bike and we followed him for the journey.

About 1 minute into the ride I had a very traumatic incident occur. A dog, for reasons unknown, decided to run out in front of my ATV and I ended up hitting it. Fortunately, he just yelped but ran off, hopefully with no injuries.

The local children, when they heard the noise of the ATVs would run down to the end of their driveways to wave to us as we rode by. It was kind of crazy to us, but some of these children who only live a few miles from town probably rarely if ever leave the countryside. We even stopped when we saw some children bathing in the river. These naked boys thought our ATVs were so cool and wanted to pose for a picture with us.

About half way through our ride we stopped and enjoyed some water. It was crazy how much my hands were vibrating after riding for just over an hour and how dirty we had gotten in such a short amount of time.

Final Thoughts

I would absolutely recommend an afternoon ATV ride with Quad Adventure Cambodia for anyone visiting Siem Reap. For us the 2 hour ride was the perfect amount of time.

Go in expecting that you’re going to get dirty! Cambodia is very dusty and dry, this leaves a cloud of reddish dust when you drive over the dirt roads. If you are in the back of the line expect to get very dirty. Both Andy and I got a good amount of dust in our eyes and noses by the time we were done and our clothes were filthy. Luckily, there was a laundry service right by our hotel, the MotherHome Inn, so we were able to get everything washed before we took off to Hanoi.

Our guide was really great and understood what types of scenery we wanted to see on our ride. Even though he told us that he had only been practicing English for a year he was extremely good and there were absolutely no language barriers.

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