Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece

Athens City Hotel – Athens, Greece

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After we spent a day in Athens, Greece, we spent 3 days in Santorini, Greece. Because our Ryanair flight got in somewhat late, we decided to spend another night in Athens before we departed for our next destination – Sofia, Bulgaria.

The most logical thing would be to spend the night at the Chameleon Youth Hostel, where we previously stayed and where our bags were being held. Unfortunately they were booked so we had to look into other options.

After some searching, I found the Athens City Hotel. It was in budget and had great reviews. While it was not as close to the Chameleon Youth Hostel as we would have preferred, after a short subway ride and walk, we were there.

Athens City Hotel – Room 403

The first thing that we noticed when we first got into our room was how hot it was. This was an extreme difference from the Chameleon Youth Hostel where we were cold the entire time. After turning off the heater and opening up the window the temperature quickly dropped to a comfortable level.

As we have come to expect is common in other parts of the world, our “king size bed” was nothing more than 2 twin beds pushed together. Additionally, we had 2 twin blankets instead of 1 large blanket. While it was frustrating, we started to learn that this is a common thing in Europe. Plus, since the blankets were folded at the end of the bed we joked that we had to make our own bed at the hotel. For the few hours we were in the room we didn’t think too much of it.

Bed in Room 403 at Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece

Desk, TV, and AC Unit in Room 403 at Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece

There was a balcony off our room but since we arrived late and left early we didn’t get a chance to use it. I imagine that if we had arrived earlier we would have purchased some drinks at the store and had a nice cocktail hour on the balcony (assuming it was warm enough to sit outside).

Balcony in Room 403 at Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece


The bathroom was clean which we appreciated. What we appreciated more was the shower – there was amazing water pressure and plenty of hot water. We both enjoyed showering which did not require us to hold the showerhead – something that we struggled with at the Chameleon Youth Hostel and apartment in Santorini.

Bathroom in Room 403 at Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece

Shower in Room 403 at Athens City Hotel in Athens Greece

The only negative about the bathroom was that the shower had a leak which made the floor wet – one of Andy’s biggest pet peeves.


The worst part of the hotel was the location. It was located further from the historical area than we would have hoped. Since we had already done our sightseeing and had plans to leave in the morning this was not an issue for us.

Our our way to the hotel from the subway, we were a little taken aback when we walked through the somewhat rough looking neighborhood surrounding the hotel. We were never concerned for our safety, it was just a lot different than the extremely touristy areas which we spent our time in previously.

Final Thoughts

We only spent a few hours at the Athens City Hotel so there isn’t too much that we can say about it. The room was more than adequate for what we needed and the shower was great.

In the morning we didn’t get to enjoy the complimentary breakfast since we had to catch an early bus to Sofia, Bulgaria. The staff was great at getting us to our bus the easiest way possible, something that we appreciated.

If you are looking to stay at a nice hotel at a very reasonable price and don’t mind being a little further removed from the sights of Athens I would highly recommend the Athens City Hotel. If location is important to you, I would recommend booking elsewhere.

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