Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Krabi Thailand

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort – Krabi Thailand

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When planning our trip to Krabi, we knew that we wanted to splurge on a really nice resort since we were staying at pretty modest hotels the rest of our trip. Our flight was originally scheduled to arrive in the early afternoon so we decided to stay at a nice place, but not pay for our high end resort prices for a partial day.

The Booking Process

I had been doing some digging and booked a hotel that looked nice. It was off the beach but reasonably priced. Several days later Rocketmiles ran a promotion where for a 15 minute period you would get a 5,000 mile bonus on top of the normal booking miles. I was lucky enough to catch the small window of time and booked a refundable superior room at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. In addition to the 5,000 bonus miles, I would earn 1,000 miles for booking the room, netting me a total of 6,000 miles for a 1 night stay.

Once the panic of booking the room was over, I checked reviews to make sure that I wanted to keep the room. I was pleasantly surprised that the reviews were good.

Checking In

Our flight was originally due to arrive in the early afternoon but was changed to early in the morning instead.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was before check in and our room was not yet ready. We left our bags with the hotel and walked down the street to get breakfast. By the time that we came back, they had a room ready for us. As our door opened we were pleasantly surprised that we had been upgraded to a cliff view room. It was right on the street which may have been a turn off to some, but the noise was non-existent compared to the city noise that we’re used to in Chicago and watching people from the balcony was pretty fun.

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Balcony View


The biggest drawback for most people staying at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort is that the hotel is not beachfront. It is a good 10 minute walk from the beach which isn’t far, but isn’t close either.

Strangely the hotel is located right above a McDonalds. I didn’t mind this at all since it was an easy landmark for me when I was looking for the hotel. Also, I was able to get a McFlurry which was delicious treat in the hot Thai sun.

Superior Room

Our superior room had a king size bed which was really comfortable. We also had a great balcony that overlooked the main road in the town. The bathroom was a good size and had a shower with 2 different shower heads – a large rainfall shower head as well as a handheld shower head. Everything was clean, although some parts of the room were showing a little bit of wear and could have used some fixing/replacement.

  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Superior Room
  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Balcony
  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Bathroom
  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Bathroom Shower

When we entered the hallway to go to our room, Andy kept complaining that it smelled like urinal cake. Not having spent much time in men’s rooms I took his word for it. Luckily the smell didn’t permeate into our room.



The breakfast was amazing. There were a ton of different options – from the expected fruit and yogurt to fried vegetable fritters. We ate a ton and only needed a snack in the afternoon, saving us money from having to buy lunch.

When we moved hotels, we learned that the Centara Grand Beach Resort didn’t include breakfast. We joked that we should go into town and have breakfast at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort since it was so good. In hindsight we should have done it since our breakfasts that we ended up eating were pretty lame.


There was a large rooftop pool. Although we didn’t swim in it, it looked quite refreshing, well maintained and was not overrun by hotel guests.

There was also a small restaurant next to the pool where the complimentary breakfast is served in the morning. In the afternoon they serve both food and alcoholic drinks as well. For those hanging out by the pool, not wanting to get out, it would be the perfect place to grab a bite.


The hotel hosted themed alfresco dinners out on the sidewalk area every night. When we were there it was Italian night with the next night being Mexican night. While we considered it, we decided to venture into town to get local cuisines instead.

If the breakfast is any indication of the quality of food, I would expect it to be quite good and definitely worth a try.


Our room had a few things which were not expected, but welcome surprises:

  • A beach bag with a mat – perfect for a walk down to the beach
  • 2 extra large umbrellas – just in case the weather didn’t cooperate
  • 2 pairs of sandals
  • 2 pairs of slippers
  • 2 bathrobes
  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Safe and Beach Bag
  • Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Extras

Final Thoughts

The best part of our stay by far was the staff. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with our hotel. Everyone spoke very good English and warmly greeted us when we returned to the hotel.

The staff was so great, they let us keep our bags at the front desk after we checked out of the Centara Grand Beach Resort but were not yet ready to head to the airport. This was not something that they had to do but we totally appreciated. If they said that they couldn’t hold our bags we would have had to lug them all over town with us which would not have been any fun at all.

If you are looking for a nice hotel with a reasonable price that doesn’t need to be directly on the water, I would recommend the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, see if you can buy the breakfast – it has to be one of the best in town.

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